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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have a Wild Theory About Jamie Dutton’s Next Victim


Yellowstone‘s season five midseason finale brought the longstanding feud between Beth and Jamie Dutton to a head. The last we saw, both characters were plotting their vengeance. However, with Wes Bentley‘s Jamie Dutton on a deadly path, Yellowstone fans have a wild theory about who his next victim might be.

In an interesting Reddit thread, one Yellowstone fan predicted, “Summer will be killed by Jamie’s hitman instead of Beth.”

Piper Perabo made her Yellowstone debut as Summer in season four. Since then, she and Jamie have shared no onscreen interactions. So what’s got fans thinking Jamie might come for Summer?

Well, the rest of the post contains an extremely plausible explanation. The user said, “Since Summer is living in the main house, I really think Jamie’s hitman will mistakenly kill her instead of Beth. That is the only reason I can see why she is in John’s house other than she is a convenient piece for John’s enjoyment now that the ex-Governor has moved on. I can’t see Beth getting killed just yet.”

Fans Debate What Comes Next for Summer

Other Yellowstone fans admitted they had had similar ideas ahead of the second half of season five. Handfuls of viewers also expressed their hopes that the character really does in fact get killed off.

“Oh, I could see that…” one Reddit user agreed. A second emphatically responded, “About bloody time.”

A third wrote, “I saw this theory floating around a couple weeks ago and I think you’re right!”

As stated, Jamie and Summer have not had any interactions since the latter was introduced. However, the strange theory is definitely a possibility given creator Taylor Sheridan‘s writing. The original poster also had another valid point; what is Yellowstone without Kelly Reilly‘s Beth Dutton?

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Hope Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins is Killed Off in Season 5, Part 2


Harsh as it sounds, handfuls of Yellowstone fans were quick in sharing their hopes that Jamie Dutton’s hitman does in fact mistake Summer for Beth. Many of them argued Perabo’s character lacks substance or any real significance within the show’s plot.

One frustrated viewer wrote, “She is totally annoying, so I would not miss the character.”

They added, “Since she now has come to an ‘understanding’ with Beth, I can see John and Beth reacting badly to her murder at Jamie’s behest.”

Others continued to complain about Piper Perabo’s character’s lack of depth. Meanwhile, a different, though equally creative, Yellowstone fan posed another possible season five theory. They wrote, “It’s clear that Summer and Beth don’t like each other, but I can definitely see how Beth would be pissed if Summer were killed. Beth would likely say something along the lines of ‘what a pointless killing…’ to Jamie or just about the situation in general.”

Their final statements pose what could make for an extremely captivating and certainly unexpected Yellowstone plot twist. They shared, “I’d also like to think that if that is the way they go, how it would motivate Beth to pretend to be dead for a while and get the upper hand on Jamie.”

Be sure to tune back into Yellowstone season five when the midseason premiere airs on Paramount Network this summer.


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