‘Yellowstone’: Here’s Everything We Know About ‘1932’


On Tuesday, Paramount revealed its plan for another Taylor Sheridan show set in the “Yellowstone” universe: “1932.”

Per The Hollywood Reporter, this new spin-off “will follow a new generation of Duttons during the time of Western expansion, Prohibition and the Great Depression.” It’ll be exciting to see the Dutton family’s story fleshed out even more as we learn about this new generation.

Taylor Sheridan himself discussed the show in an announcement video posted to the “Yellowstone” Instagram account. In the video, he discusses five total new shows that he has on the docket at Paramount Plus. But “1932” should be the only one related to “1883” and “Yellowstone.”

“With ‘Yellowstone,’ I had built out this backstory of where the Dutton family came from,” Sheridan explained. “And with ‘1932,’ I chose that moment in time to peak back in because you’re seeing the children we’ve met in ‘1883’ now attempting to raise another generation of Dutton children. At a time of the Wild West becoming a playground for the elite from the east.”

This will be an interesting shift from what we’ve seen in “1883” so far. For the most part, the “Yellowstone” prequel has only touched on the influence of the socialites who dominate the East Coast. We know that Western expansion is crucial to the folks on the East Coast mostly because they appreciate the resources the West has to offer.


But now, it sounds like the socialites themselves might be coming out West to stick their noses in the Duttons’ business. Much like how John Dutton deals with groups like Market Equities in modern-day “Yellowstone.”

Who Will We See in ‘1932’ From ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘1883?’

Based on what Sheridan said in the video above, we can expect to see familiar faces from both “Yellowstone” and “1883.”

By our best estimate, James Dutton (Tim McGraw) is the great grandfather of modern-day John Dutton (Kevin Costner). James’s five-year-old son, John Sr. (Audie Rick), continues the line with John II (Dabney Coleman), AKA modern-day John’s father.

So, it looks like “1932” will follow John Sr. and his siblings as they raise the next generation of Duttons. It’s unlikely that we’ll see Costner’s John unless they fast forward about 20 years. But we’ll almost definitely see the children in “1883” all grown up and the father from “Yellowstone” young and spry. And likely up to no good.

Other than that, we don’t know much else about the upcoming prequel series. Sheridan and Paramount didn’t reveal a timeline for when we can expect the new show, though it’ll likely be a few years as Sheridan works on the script. He also has new episodes of “1883” to juggle after Paramount ordered another batch of those.


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