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‘Yellowstone’: Lainey Wilson Speaks on ‘Fun’ Season 5 Premiere Scene


The Yellowstone Season 5 premiere embroiled fans in the leftover drama from season four’s gut-wrenching finale. But just as exciting, it also introduced us to a new character, Abby. Abby is played by rising country music singer Lainey Wilson. Though her part in the season premiere was relatively small, we’ll get to know more about Wilson’s character soon enough. In the meantime, the “Heart Like a Truck” singer is speaking out about how much fun she had watching her Yellowstone debut when the premiere aired Sunday.

CMT posted a video of Lainey Wilson on Instagram which saw the singer-turned-actor strum a tune about her new gig. In it, she humorously sings, “They called me up just a few months back. They said, ‘We know you can sing, but can you act?’ I been actin’ a fool my whole damn life, so I’m making my debut [in] season five.”



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The clip saw tons of love from fans on Instagram. Plenty of them shared their excitement for Lainey Wilson’s next Yellowstone appearance. Wilson herself also commented on CMT’s post, writing, “So fun getting to watch the season premiere together live!”

As exciting as it was to see Lainey Wilson in the premiere, she’s not new to the set of Yellowstone. Before making her acting debut, several of the 30-year-old’s songs had appeared in the series prior.

Lainey Wilson Reveals How She Landed Her ‘Yellowstone’ Role

Actors tend to audition for major roles in hit dramas like Yellowstone. But, interestingly, Lainey Wilson previously revealed that series creator, Taylor Sheridan, actually wrote the role of Abby just for her. People

 reports that the two celebrities became acquainted after one of Wilson’s songs was featured in an episode of Yellowstone.

Recalling her conversation with the producer about her newest gig, she said, “[Taylor Sheridan] said, ‘I want to create a character specifically for you.’ He said, ‘I want you to wear what you wear, sing what you’re singing and pretty much just be yourself. You’re gonna go by Abby. She’s a musician.’ And without even thinking, I just said, ‘Yes, count me in. Let’s do it.’”

Although we knew ahead of time that Lainey Wilson would feature in the brand new season of Yellowstone, fans were even more excited to learn that her character might finally offer fan-favorite character Ryan (Ian Bohen) a love interest after four full seasons. Although we caught the two characters dancing together during the season premiere, we’ll have to see how their (potential) love story plays out from here.

Further, despite all the fun and excitement regarding Wilson’s new role, that’s not to say it didn’t require a lot of hard work. Lainey Wilson recently spoke about some difficulties she had while shooting the new season as her dad was previously admitted to the hospital. Read about how she navigated that difficult experience here.


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