‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Will Speak at Rally to ‘Save Western Sports in Los Angeles’ This Week


Just like Lloyd on “Yellowstone,” actor Forrie J. Smith is a passionate supporter of Western sports including roping, riding, and rodeoing in addition to being a genuine cowboy. As such, the series star plans to speak at a rally in Los Angeles this Tuesday in support of those Western sports.

“[W]e have to stand up for our way of life!!” the “Yellowstone” star wrote in an urgent Instagram post. The image provides the details for the Western sports rally, such as location and time, in addition to who will likely attend.

“I will be speaking at this rally,” Smith assures followers, and considering the star’s experience, we’re sure his words will stir the crowd.

Down in the comments, fans shared their frustration and disappointment in the L.A. City Council’s latest proposal.

“Unreal!” wrote one of the “Yellowstone” actor’s followers. “I grew up at gymkhanas in California and can’t believe this is happening!”

Others voiced their support for Smith, sharing encouraging words.

“Get em Forrie!!!” wrote one fan, while another insisted, “You are what LA needs more of!”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Conflicted Over Two-Part Season

While Forrie J. Smith intends to confront conflict surrounding Western sports in L.A., “Yellowstone” fans remain conflicted regarding their feelings about the upcoming two-part season.

From the get-go, “Yellowstone” has boasted a very traditional format regarding season and episode releases, in addition to the total number of episodes per season. Season 1 of “Yellowstone” boasted just nine episodes, with the three following season renewals featuring an additional 10th.


Based on what has been released regarding “Yellowstone’s” next season, series executives have revealed season five will be significantly longer. Recent news states the season will boast 14 episodes overall, however, these will be split into two parts, with each part totaling seven episodes in all.

Compared to its past four installations, it’s definitely throwing “Yellowstone” fans for a loop and a lot of them aren’t sure how to feel.

“I honestly don’t know what to think about this,” began one fan over on Reddit. “If it can have a great storyline and only focus on Yellowstone (not 6666 and 1883) then I’m fine with it.”

The main issue “Yellowstone” fans have seems to be with the frequent flashbacks featuring the latest Taylor Sheridan spin-offs.

Another fan suggested, “I think the reason they’ve increased the number of episodes is to accommodate more spin-offs without upsetting the fans too much.”

Others were more open to the idea of a split season as it means we get more new episodes of “Yellowstone” sooner. Showrunners revealed the first part of season five will debut this summer, with part two premiering in the fall. Overall, “More Yellowstone is always welcome!” concluded one series fan.


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