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‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Opens Up About That Brutal Fight Between Summer and Beth


It has been building up for a while now, and the tension finally boiled over too far as Yellowstone’s Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Summer (Piper Perabo) went head to head in a brutal battle in the neo-western drama’s fifth season. Now, Piper Perabo is delving deep into the brutal brawl between the two adversaries. Noting that she and Reilly started training for this moment a month before filming.

The Showdown Between Yellowstone’s Summer And Beth Has Been Brewing For Awhile Now

Piper Perabo’s Yellowstone character, Summer, has been on the bad side of Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton for a while now. And anyone who knows Yellowstone at all knows this is not a safe spot to be in.

Summer is an animal rights activist who found herself facing prison time. This sentence came after a protest raid that was set up by none other than Beth Dutton. However, once Beth’s father, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton becomes governor, he pardons Summer’s prison term. Instead, she is sent to serve under house arrest at the Yellowstone ranch. Something that does not sit well at all with Beth.

Tensions were reaching a boiling point between the two characters all season. Then, finally, in episode five, the two throw down in an absolutely brutal battle. We can’t expect anything less from these hardcore Yellowstone characters either.

Piper Perabo Gets Candid About Filming The Season 5, Episode 5 Brutal Brawl

The tension between Summer and Beth finally boiled over during dinner when Summer disses the dinner of choice. Beth responds to Summer’s complaint and the tension finally gets so high that the two go head-to-head in a vicious fight.

“Our stunt doubles choreographed with the stunt coordinator,” Perabo relates while remembering the intense Yellowstone moment.

“Then Kelly and I started to learn the fight,” she adds, noting that this training started “more than a month before we’re filming.”


The Actors Practiced The Moves Several Times Before Filming The Big Scene

The actress details how once one stunt was learned, the stunt coordinator would watch to make sure they had the moves down. Some worked perfectly, others were adjusted and rechoreographed.

“The rehearsal process is always the hardest part,” Perabo relates.

“It was such a victory to get to the night where we’re like, ‘I don’t care if it’s cold. I’m sorry you’re in a sundress, but we’re finally here,’” she quips.

“She and I had been rehearsing it for so long and knew it so well that it was kind of fun to do it for people,” Piper Perabo says of herself and her Yellowstone sparring partner.

“As you can imagine, the crew of Yellowstone loves a fight,” she jokes. “And certainly Summer and Beth.”

Piper Perabo remembers how Cole Hauser, who portrays Yellowstone’s Rip Wheeler was on the set during the filming because “Rip has to come out in the middle and tell us how stupid we look.”

The actress recalls how Hauser’s Rip Wheeler is supposed to be in the house, sitting on the couch “living on the high hog while we’re out there working,” she laughs.

“But he’s always good for a laugh, and it’s nice to have him around,” Perabo adds. “So in the end, although we’re kicking the living hell out of each other, it was so fun.”


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