‘Yellowstone’: The Train Station Explained


In Yellowstone lore, the infamous Train Station is where the Duttons dispose of their dirtiest secrets. But what is this Wyoming cliffside exactly? How many corpses are there? And how have the Duttons been able to get away with using the Train Station for so long?

Let’s dive in head first, as so many dead bodies have. But first, be warned of major spoilers in both our video breakdown and article below if you aren’t caught up on all episodes of Yellowstone.

What is the Train Station in ‘Yellowstone’ Canon?

To explain what this place is in Yellowstone‘s reality, there’s no one better suited than John Dutton himself. According to Kevin Costner‘s patriarch:

“It’s the trash can for everyone who’s attacked us. It lays in a jurisdictional deadzone in a county with a population of exactly zero. Hence, no jury of your peers and no court for a change in venue.

Why are you so surprised? Where do you think the men who attacked you in your office and attacked our ranch went? You shocked we found a way to circumvent the consequences of defending ourselves? I’m shocked we need a way. But we do. We always have. And unless we’re willing to walk away from 120 years of our family bleeding into this ground, we always will.”

John to Beth Dutton, Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 8

In the show, the Train Station resides right over the Wyoming border south of Montana. As for how such a place could ever exist, let’s look at the real-life inspiration behind it.

The Real-Life Inspiration Behind ‘Yellowstone’s Train Station

There is, in fact, an actual “jury-less” zone in the real-life Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park, that is, and it’s called the “Zone of Death.”

This ominous sounding place is a jury-less section of the national park, but it’s not in Montana where the show is set. Nor is it across the Wyoming border where the Dutton’s Train Station resides. Instead, it’s in… Idaho.


Part of Yellowstone National Park extends into Idaho. And it is this western section that contains the ‘Zone of Death’; a 50-square-mile section of literal no-man’s-land. Despite its location, the ‘Zone of Death’ is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court for the District of Wyoming – due to it belonging to Yellowstone National Park. All of this is crucial, too, because absolutely no one lives in this area. And as the Sixth Amendment to the United Government decrees:

“The accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed.”

Since no residents reside in this 50-square-mile area, there can be no jury formed from its population. This makes it a  “jury-less” land. So it is this exact place that many Yellowstone fans believe inspired Taylor Sheridan’s “lawless” pocket of Wyoming.

Who All Has Been Taken to the Train Station?

Such a lawless place makes it the perfect final destination for the Duttons’ dirtiest secrets. Which would be dead bodies. A lot of dead bodies. For a complete list of every Yellowstone character that’s been taken to the Train Station, see our Who Goes to the Train Station in ‘Yellowstone’? A Complete List next.

And there’s surely more Train Station stops to come as Yellowstone kicks back into gear. In the meantime, be sure to check out our full Train Station breakdown on YouTube, then drop a comment and tell us which Yellowstone character you think should head to the Train Station next.


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