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‘Yellowstone’s Kylie Rogers Shares How Texas is Crazy For the Duttons

"There's 'Yellowstone' merch in the airport."


t’s a pretty exciting year for actress Kylie Rogers. Aside from being in the cast of Ari Aster’s highly anticipated film Beau Is Afraid, alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Ryan, Rogers is also part of Yellowstone, the hit Paramount+ series that reached peak audience numbers (again) in its fifth season. During a press tour to promote the sci-fi comedy Landscape With Invisible Hand at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Rogers talked to Collider about the Neo-western series’ success.

In Yellowstone, Rogers plays the younger version of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), one of the main characters who is the daughter of Kevin Costner’s ruthless character John. During the interview, Rogers talked to our own Steve Weintraub about the experience of being a part of the hit show from the very beginning. She also spoke about where in the country the series’ popularity really comes alive for her:

“I’ve been on since Season 1, which is crazy. It’s definitely been an experience. No one expected it to be this massive hit TV show. It’s a cowboys TV show in Hollywood, you know? So it’s very unexpected, I guess. I am originally from Texas, so whenever I went back to Texas I’ve definitely noticed a lot more people are like, ‘You’re young Beth from Yellowstone!’ Or there’s ‘Yellowstone’ merch in the airport. It’s actually crazy how much ‘Yellowstone’ merch exists in Texas, but yeah, I for sure noticed a massive growth.”

The Yellowstone
 Schedule Isn’t For the Faint of Heart

Rogers also took a little time to mention how her work days play out throughout the seasons. The young actor is in a very specific position in which she is both a main and a supporting character. This means that, while it’s important for her to know every beat of the future of her character, her presence is not always required on set, and she has to work around the series’ elaborate schedule. The actor revealed that sometimes they’ll tell her that they need her two months in advance, and other times she only gets a week to prepare.


Yellowstone—as well as its spin-off series 1923 and 1883—chronicles the rise to power and domain of the Dutton family over the ranch of the title, and how their possession of land in Montana gives them power and influence and corrupts the family. The series also stars Luke GrimesWes BentleyCole HauserKelsey AsbilleGil Birmingham, and Jefferson White.

Yellowstone and 1923 are currently on hiatus. Season 1 of 1923 returns on February 5, while Season 5 of Yellowstone is yet to get a return date. You can watch our interview with Kylie Rogers in the player above.

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