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’Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Knows Exactly Why He Isn’t a Favorite Among Fans


Here at Outsider, we adore Yellowstone star, Ryan Bingham. And while the Walker actor continues to maintain a prominent role within the hit Western series—and boasts an equally successful career in music—Bingham’s character just isn’t among fans’ top favorites. Fortunately, the Yellowstone star is cool with it, and knows exactly why his character is not among viewers’ top picks.

Speaking with Taste of Country as we await the next all-new episode of season five, Ryan Bingham said his character, much like costar Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton, is caught between being the hero and the villain. Of fulfilling that kind of a role, he explained, “There’s a bit of a conflict there. He’s damned if he does and damned if he don’t. They’ve tried several times to send him down the line to the train station, and he always seems to bounce back and find a way out of trouble.”

In addition, Ryan Bingham knows that there is a certain sect of Yellowstone fans that would love to see his character dropped off at the train station. And while that does not include yours truly, the Yellowstone star nevertheless continues to keep a light-heartedness about him.

In a humorous remark to the outlet, he laughed, “Man, there’s a ton of people that want me to go to the train station for sure.”

Fortunately, Taylor Sheridan and the rest of Yellowstone‘s writers have not hinted at Walker’s death just yet. But be sure to catch Ryan Bingham in his anti-hero role again when the next new episode of the drama airs on Paramount Network on January 1st, 2023.

‘Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes & Ryan Bingham Knew Each Other Long Before the Show


If you follow Yellowstone behind the scenes, then you know the show isn’t only home to talented actors, but also to talented singers. We already know Ryan Bingham as one of the hit series’ repeat musicians, however, more recently, Kayce Dutton actor Luke Grimes has launched his own career in music. During an interview this past fall, Grimes revealed that while Ryan Bingham hasn’t had a huge impact on his newest career move, he did know the Walker actor long before coming to Yellowstone.

During the prior interview, Grimes spoke about his roots in country music, revealing that he’s been playing in bands since he was about 10 years old and actually got his start in the industry through church. Speaking about costar Ryan Bingham specifically, Luke Grimes continued, “I’ve actually known Ryan for a lot longer than I’ve been doing the show. We’re not the closest of friends, but I’ve just always known him around and always loved his music and been such a fan.”

More broadly, he added that he’s always been a “big fan of country music in general, whether that be the more well-known stuff that the masses know or the underground stuff – more in the Bingham vein.”


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