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‘Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Recalls Blood ‘Spraying All Over’ in Gruesome Mistake on Set


In a recent interview, Ryan Bingham revealed a goof on the Yellowstone set led to a blood spurt that rivaled an 80s slasher flick. Walker, Bingham’s character on the hit neo-Western, is an instigator. Bingham has played the infamous inmate turned ranch hand since season one of the hit show. The actor and Grammy-winning singer and songwriter admitted during a recent interview that he’s well aware of the large part of the fandom that would love to see his character killed. However, he swears it’s not his fault.

“I think he is a loyal guy,” Bingham explained to Taste of Country. “He’s loyal to Rip and the ranch and also just, I think in his heart, he’s the kind of guy that wants to stay out of trouble as much as he can.”

On Yellowstone, Walker has had several close calls with death, but none more unexpected than when bunkhouse veteran Lloyd turned and threw a knife at him after he learned that Walker was dating his ex-girlfriend.

Episode 6 of Season 4, “I Want to Be Him,” brought about the incident. Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) was agitated because Laramie (Hassie Harrison) chose Walker over him and then he saw that his new rivals were friends with the other bunkhouse boys. So, he destroyed Walker’s guitar and when challenged to fight, threw a knife into his chest. It was a moment that left fans’ jaws on the floor.

Ryan Bingham recalls ‘blood spraying all over the room’


However, if you’re a true Yellowstone diehard, you know Walker survived the horrific wound. The medical team is visibly relieved when they say the knife just missed Walker’s heart. They turn to the problem of taking the knife out. Short on patience, Laramie yanks it out of her boyfriend’s chest instead.

On the take that Yellowstone producers finally chose, Walker’s blood spills out less than in several prior takes. Bingham loved the gruesome effects and remembers it being a formative experience, even if it was chaotic. This was the first time the musician-turned-actor worked with such scenes, but he found it enjoyable nonetheless.

Bingham recalled the bloody experience on a recent episode of the Dutton Rules Podcast. “I remember they had a plastic hose that kind of ran up my back and under my shirt so when … she pulls the knife out, the blood is supposed to squirt out,” Bingham explained.

“I remember the first couple of takes, they had the pressure turned way up on that line, so when she pulled that knife out, it was like a Tarantino movie. Blood was spraying all over the room and all over everybody,” he quipped.

Fans can catch the newest episode of Yellowstone this Sunday (Nov. 20) on the Paramount Network.


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