Everything We Know About 1923 Season 2

The latest Yellowstone prequel, 1923, won't be returning for a while. But for now, what exactly have the latest updates been regarding its production?


As the Dutton family history continues to expand even further, fans of Yellowstone continue to wait anxiously for the next chapter in the prequel series, 1923 (which itself is a sequel to the previous prequel, 1883). Not much is currently known about the details regarding Season 2’s production and release date, but there has been heavy amounts of speculation and circulating rumors over what exactly the next chapter will entail.

While Taylor Sheridan is still very involved in the story’s continuation and the main cast is still expected to be returning, there have been several unfortunate developments within the last year that have gotten in the way of Season 2’s production. With all this in mind, exactly how much information regarding the upcoming conclusion to 1923 is already out there?

1923’s Second Season Has Been Delayed Indefinitely For Multiple Reasons

While the fans continue to wait for 1923‘s return, they shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for it to come out within the remainder of the year. There’s a multitude of reasons behind this delay, but it could mostly be chalked up to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes of last year. Many other TV productions had also been delayed due to the effects of strikes, but it is more than certain to have left quite a non-ideal impact on someone like Taylor Sheridan, who is currently show running five other series outside 1923. 2023 may have been another big year for Sheridan, having premiered two more Paramount series (those series being Special Ops: Lioness and Lawmen: Bass Reeves), but it’s important to keep in mind that both of their productions had already wrapped up before the strikes had even begun.


Another production conflict arose around the same time as the strikes when it was announced that the series had lost one of its primary shooting locations. According to KXLF, the Butte Civic Center, which houses the sound stage that the series had used for several different interior sets, had broken its contract with the production company back in July. With this major setback, along with a concerning lack of updates regarding whether Season 2 has even gotten past the writing stages since the strikes ended, there is currently no set date for its release or return to production.

1923 Has Multiple Cliffhangers to Resolve From Season 1

When viewers last saw the Dutton family in the season finale, things were looking quite bleak in more ways than one. Jacob and Cara’s conflicts with Banner were only just the beginning, as they now have another major problem to worry about brought on by the corrupt business tycoon, Donald Whittfield. While Whittfield has paid off Jacob and Cara’s property back taxes, the couple is now at risk of losing Yellowstone Ranch entirely, as the deed of property will revert to Whittfield if he is not paid back by the end of the year. On top of that, the Duttons have also lost the loyal aid of their ranch foreman, Zane Davis, after being violently arrested due to him and his wife, Alice, breaking Montana’s laws against interracial marriage. In the final scene of the season, Cara writes a letter to her and Jacob’s nephew, Spencer, admitting that he is now their only hope, only to end up tearfully throwing it away.

After running into and surviving so many life-threatening dangers throughout the season, Spencer and his new wife, Alexandra (revealed to be the Countess of Sussex), also have a heartbreaking cliffhanger of their own. On a ship heading to London, after effortlessly winning in a dual against Alexandra’s ex-fiance, Arthur, Spencer was ultimately forced to kill his opponent in self-defense after a gun was pulled on him by throwing Arthur overboard. Fortunately, Spencer was able to avoid any legal conflict, thanks to a confession from Alex’s friend, Jennifer, but was forcefully separated from Alex when the prince in succession to the throne ordered his removal from the ship.


There’s also the story of Teonna Rainwater, who, after escaping abuse from the residential school, killing the sadistic priests who came after her, and being reunited with her father, is now back on the run as the two of them, along with Pete Plenty Clouds, head off to find refuge in Wyoming. Little do they know, however, that Father Renaud and Mashall Kent are hot on their trail. Will Teonna ever be truly safe? Will Spencer and Alex reunite in Boseman? How will Jacob and Cara overcome their conflict with the ranch? Unfortunately, the fans, they’re going to have to wait even longer before any of these questions are answered.

1923 Season 2’s Returning Cast and Crew

Among such other details as the release and filming start dates, confirmation of exactly who will be returning for Season 2 has yet to be formally confirmed. Given that they’re the two main faces of the show, it seems safe to assume that Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will be reprising their respective roles as Jacob and Cara Dutton. The following names should also be expected to return:

Considering the number of unresolved plot threads involving other characters, viewers should look to see supporting players like Robert Patrick and Sebastian Roche reprising their respective roles as Sheriff William McDowell and Father Renaud. Actors who only made guest appearances, like Joy Osmanski as Alice Davis and Cole Brings Plenty as Pete Plenty Clouds will more than likely also return in expanded roles. Isabel May, who previously played Elsa Dutton in 1883, is also expected to once again lend her voice as the series’ narrator.

1923 Will Only Last 2 Seasons

Unlike 1883, eight episodes were simply not enough to cover the events of such a grand story. Despite its renewal for a second season, however, fans of the series shouldn’t get their hopes up for any further installments beyond that. Similarly to the previous Yellowstone prequel series, 1883, Taylor Sheridan and company are only letting it run for just as long as it needs, which, according to Sheridan himself, only requires two seasons. This news may come as a disappointment to its audience, but if looked at from a storytelling perspective, it might end up being the best thing for the sake of the story that it’s trying to tell.

There’s also the busyness of the show’s cast and crew to consider. Not only is Taylor Sheridan faced with the challenge of juggling multiple ongoing series at the same time, but it is more than likely that Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren simply would not be able to commit to anything beyond Sheridan’s two-season plan without causing further delays, given their schedules for current and upcoming projects. Unlike certain other television series, this limited run is more than certain to keep 1923 from giving off the feeling that it is overstaying its welcome.


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