Somehow Lainey Wilson Never Met Kevin Costner Filming ‘Yellowstone’ – “I’m Still Waiting”


While Lainey Wilson didn’t need a spot on Yellowstone to cement herself as a superstar in country music, it’s hard to say the role didn’t help…

She joined the most popular show on TV as Abby, love interest and country singer, in season four and is hoping to get a call back for the second half of season five, and while I hope she’s brought back (because who doesn’t want more Lainey Wilson on their screen?), a wish she revealed in an interview back in August is most likely not going to come true.

The saga of Kevin Costner’s tenure on the show has been well documented and, if reporting is to be believed, the patriarch of the Dutton family won’t be back to wrap up the show he’ll forever be tied to, as he’s chosen to focus his efforts on a multi-part movie series titled Horizon: An American Saga

On the flip side of the disagreement was creator Taylor Sheridan, who’s quickly become one of the most sought out directors in Hollywood. Even while Yellowstone was being filmed, he churned out top notch show after top notch show to stream on Paramount+, including prequels 1883 and 1923, as well as Tulsa King and Special Ops: Lioness. Get your 7 day free trial here to catch up on Sheridan’s creations.

Before stepping in to headline the Watershed Music Festival in George, Washington (excellent town name) last year, Lainey dropped in for an interview with radio host Gabe Mercer, and when she asked what the biggest surprise filming Yellowstone was, her answer was pretty shocking:

On one hand it makes sense because the two were never on screen together, but you’d think he’d at least drop by her trailer to introduce himself and say hi. Heck, he even has his own country band called Kevin Costner & Modern West, so you think he’d be interested in talking shop with one of the biggest stars in the genre.


Maybe there were already issues on set while she was there that caused him to be a bit reclusive, but it seems weird that they haven’t met yet, and if this rift between him and the show doesn’t get magically healed, they may never.

Fingers crossed part two of season five goes off without a hitch and Lainey gets the call back, but regardless of how that shakes out you should get yourself to a Lainey Wilson concert. Take it from me, she’s a phenomenal performer and deserves every bit of the fame she’s got over the past few years.

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