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Sister Wives: Is Christine Brown Getting Married In 6 Weeks? Takes A Weight Loss Challenge!


Sister Wives star Christine Brown is one of the most loved members of the reality realm. Her journey was indeed filled with hardship, and she had her ups and downs. But the way the star overcame all her issues melted viewers’ hearts. Lately, fans have been witnessing Christine living in the best phase of her life. She has parted ways with Kody and also extra weight. Evidently, the celeb often flaunts her new romance and massive weight loss on social media these days. Amid all this, now viewers have started to speculate that maybe Christine would walk down the aisle within 6 weeks as she has taken a challenge! Is that so?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Flaunts Curves Amid Weight Loss Challenge

Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s appearance has changed a lot in the past. Earlier, the turbulence in her marriage caused by Kody was evident on her face. The celeb used to have dull skin with a double chin and extra fat. But after Christine decided to renounce her marriage, she also started focussing on her physical health. Evidently, she burned the midnight oil, and the results are all over her social media. Recently, the matrairch took to Instagram and flaunted her new trimmed body and lean face.


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Christine Brown recently shared a reel in which she was promoting her weight loss drink, Plexus. Like always, she gave credit for shedding pounds to the healthy beverage. The clip had many pictures in which the celeb’s weight loss was clear. Christine further revealed that it was a 6-week challenge and asked her fans to join her as well. While advertising, the drink modeled off her weight loss with a super slim figure and an angular face. Moreover, if we compare Christine’s appearance from a few seasons ago, her features are much more evident now, and there is no extra fat around her cheeks and neck.


Sister Wives: Christine Brown Thinking Of Walking Down Aisle After 6 Weeks?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been creating headlines with her fast-track romance with David Woolley. Within a few months, she covered the journey of returning to the dating realm, having a boyfriend, and saying yes to tying the knot with him. Hence, now viewers are sure that Christine could get married any day and won’t delay the ceremony. Lately, she has been hinting that her wedding is perhaps closer than her fans are assuming it to be. Recently, there have been several instances when the celeb was spotted without makeup.

Usually, beauticians suggest soon-to-be brides abstain from makeup in order to protect their skin and prepare it for heavy makeup on their wedding day. On the other hand, Christine took a 6 weeks challenge to lose weight. Hence, there is a fair chance that she is now preparing for her big day and will soon walk down the aisle as well. However, for now, the stars haven’t confirmed anything, and these are just fans’ theories. Are you also excited about Christine and David Woolley’s wedding? Do let us know in the comments. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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