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Kevin Costner Tries To Hype New Western Movie But Yellowstone Fans Interrupt & Demand Answers

John Dutton actor Kevin Costner is bombarded with comments by angry Yellowstone fans while trying to hype up his new epic movie Horizon.


Kevin Costner is bombarded by comments from angry Yellowstone fans while trying to hype his new movie Horizon. Taylor Sheridan’s neo-Western drama Yellowstone became a massive hit for Paramount+ with Costner in the role of rancher John Dutton, but the run appears to be over as it was recently revealed that the star will not return after Yellowstone season 5. First rumblings of Costner’s potential departure from Yellowstone were indeed heard earlier this year when reports surfaced of behind-the-scenes conflict, as Costner continued work on his own epic Western project, the sprawling four-movie historical drama Horizon.

Production on Horizon is indeed ongoing, with the second film recently kicking off shooting, but when Costner took to Instagram to hype his return to epic Western filmmaking, all fans wanted to do was grill him about news of his departure after Yellowstone season 5.



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Check out a sampling of fans’ passionate reactions in the space below:

Kevin, you let down to many fans of Yellowstone to care what you do. This is my option and that’s that!

Please clear up all the clickbait nonsense regarding Yellowstone.

Do your job at Yellowstone. You got us all loving the show and off you go. And respect I used to have you are no longer have. I will not watch anything you do going forward I really hope the great cast of Yellowstone other than you can remain.

We are all p—ed at you Bc of Yellowstone

So not interested used to love your work at Yellowstone but you copied Taylor Sheridan and now you loose your family and your show that got you an Emmy priorities all wrong

You destroyed Yellowstone

Good lord really? Oh, let me ruin Yellowstone. Then, Hey guys here is my new movie. Stop it!!!

So we’ve just given up on Yellowstone?


Costner And Yellowstone No Longer Need Each Other

When Costner joined the cast of Sheridan’s Yellowstone back in 2018, the arrangement was clearly mutually beneficial. Costner got to boost his flagging acting career by making the leap to the small screen on a show that felt tailored to his all-American image, while Sheridan’s show received a boost in credibility by the presence of a genuine movie star.

But in the years since Costner hooked up with Sheridan and Yellowstone, the actor and the show have outgrown each other. Having re-established himself as a star, at least on the small screen, Costner now feels comfortable returning to the director’s chair to make an epic even bigger in scope than his Oscar-winning 1990 Western Dances With Wolves. Meanwhile, Yellowstone has grown beyond the confines of the original show, becoming a legitimate streaming franchise thanks to spinoffs like 1883 and 1923, the latter of which has itself become a huge hit for Paramount+.

Whether Yellowstone season 6 ever happens seems almost moot at this point, as Sheridan has the option of making more spinoffs, as appears to be the plan now that Matthew McConaughey has signed on to star in a future Sheridan-verse show. But while Yellowstone no longer needs Costner, it seems a lot of the show’s fans feel burned by the star leaving the series in the lurch while he pursues his passion project in Horizon. It will be interesting to see how Costner’s four-movie Western epic is received when it comes out, but it seems there are some Yellowstone fans who don’t plan on following the John Dutton actor as he embarks on his latest adventure.


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