Rip & Beth’s Love According To Cole Hauser & Kelly Reilly


Yellowstone‘s Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton have solidified themselves as one of television’s favorite couples over the last few years. But what do Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly think about their characters’ romance?

“In Taylor’s writing and his work, you know, it’s all based on risk,” Hauser begins of Taylor Sheridan’s scripts. Reilly readily agrees. These two have been through hell and back together on-screen. With the current drama surrounding the show’s final episodes to premiere later this year, that’s extended off-screen, too.

Regardless, “We find each other throughout this season,” Hauser of their married couple. “Whether it’s one episode or three episodes that [Sheridan] writes about us, we find each other.”


While the show is ending sooner than we’d like, Season 5 has given us a glimpse into their long-awaited married life. “The underpinning of what Beth and Rip have, their total devotion to one another, as who they are… He doesn’t want to change her, she doesn’t want to change him. I think that’s a really beautiful quality to see in a couple,” Reilly smiles beside Hauser. “And we inhabit that as actors for each other, as well.”


“You can see her understanding love in a different way,” Reilly adds of Beth. Those 8 episodes gave fans of the couple some of their best scenes from the show’s run; many of which are now Reilly’s all-time favorites for her character.

“That’s real, deep love,” she says.



Cole Hauser and his wife, Cynthia Daniel, have high hopes for the couple, though! See what they said about Rip and Beth HERE.


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