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“Unwed Household!” Sister Wives Source Says Kody Brown Hates Truely’s Living Situation

Sister Wives' Kody Brown is said to be livid at the idea that his 13-year-old daughter, Truely Brown, is living under the same roof as David Woolley.


Kody Brown from Sister Wives is not pleased that his 13-year-old daughter, Truely Brown, is watching her mother, Christine Brown, and fiancé, David Woolley, living together. The patriarch has always had some strong and, at times, skewed moral beliefs. After years of pushing his parental duties aside, Kody is trying to come back into the picture and make new rules.

According to a close family source who spoke to the U.S. SunSister Wives‘ Kody Brown is less than impressed with his daughter’s living situation. Kody has voiced concerns about Truely living in the couple’s “unwed household,” noting it is “inappropriate.” The family friend shared that the issue was brought up more than once during Christine and Kody’s custody battle, with the 54-year-old holding steady in his displeasure. Kody is also said not to be a fan of David, with the two men often butting heads.

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Doesn’t Think Christine Should Be Living In Sin

Given Christine and Kody’s polygamous lifestyle, which played out on Sister Wives, the patriarch has pressured his ex-wife to get married “quickly.” Kody is still trying to have control over Christine and believes she shouldn’t be living with her fiancé until she is married because God says it is a sin. With Sister Wives season 18 fast approaching, fans will be able to see Kody’s issues play out on the small screen, though he is clearly losing the battle.


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Kody’s opinion seems hypocritical because during Sister Wives season 1, Kody was shown breaking many of his moral codes when he began courting Robyn Brown. Kody’s first three wives–Meri, Janelle, and Christine–were not allowed to kiss Kody or have him spend the night. However, viewers learned that Kody helped Robyn find her ceremony dress and even kissed her multiple times before their big day. Kody is known to have one set of rules for himself while holding everyone else to impossible standards.

It was only just reported that Christine and Kody were back on speaking terms after months of failed communication. Kody has been trying to step up as a father by seeing Truely once a month and participating in weekly FaceTime sessions. The Sister Wives star’s beliefs are a bit antiquated, and it is doubtful that Christine will take his feelings into consideration, especially after he shunned her for so many years. Kody’s argument will no doubt be caught by TLC cameras on Sister Wives as he once again tries to paint himself as the victim.


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