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Kevin Costner Scores HUGE Legal Win In Vicious Divorce!


Wow. Looks like Kevin Costner is going to win this whole damn thing.

The Yellowstone star is in the middle of a nasty divorce with wife Christine Baumgartner. She filed at the start of May, supposedly “out of the blue.” We’ve since heard that may not be altogether accurate…

But whether Kevin saw this coming or not, he likely didn’t expect her to fight so hard against the prenup. For starters, she’s refusing to move out of their family home in Santa Barbara. Per the prenuptial agreement she signed 18 years ago, she’s legally required to move out of any property he owns within a month of breaking up with him. We’re sure neither of them expected to need that clause, not after all this time, not after having three kids together. But she filed, so she has to vacate, right?

That’s been just the first major conflict, as she flat-out refused to budge. So Costner took the matter to court, and in his first big win the judge AGREED! Christine’s argument, per TMZ, was that it wasn’t fair to kick her out because she didn’t have the time or money to find a new place — despite Costner giving her $1.5 million plus $30k a month to do just that. She did say she would go by August 31 — if Kevin agreed to her $248k/month child support demands.

Celeb divorce attorney Laura Wasser (the inspiration for Laura Dern‘s character in Marriage Story) is in Kevin’s corner. She argued the prenup is crystal clear and ironclad — and Christine is in violation. And the judge ruled Wednesday she was right!

The court’s ruling says Christine has to be out by the end of this month — July 31. Now that the court is enforcing the prenup, it means they could be forced to send officers to physically evict the 49-year-old. Ouch!

This initial win for the Waterworld star is just the tip of the iceberg. If the judge already accepted the argument that the prenup is legally binding in the matter of the house, it’s all but certain how they’re going to rule in November’s hearing on the validity of the prenup altogether. And if the court accepts the prenup, they’re going to agree with Kevin on basically everything. That means no ludicrous quarter-of-a-million dollar child support. It also means she’ll have to give back the $1.5 mil Kevin gave her. AND she’ll have to pay his legal fees! Ouch!

It seems like Christine really shot herself in the foot with the decision to fight the prenup. What do YOU think??


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