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Kevin Costner and Wife Christine’s Divorce Gets Nasty: Inside Cheating Rumors, Fights and More


Kevin Costner‘s split from wife Christine Baumgartner gets nasty as cheating rumors explode and their divorce docs leak

Kevin Costner has a reputation for being a hothead. “There have been plenty of stories over the years about him losing his temper,” a source tells In Touch. So when news broke that he’d had a heated confrontation with Daniel Starr — a tenant who was renting the guesthouse at his $145 million beachfront home — “no one who knows Kevin was really surprised to hear he blew up at someone.”

What is shocking is the alleged reason for the fight. “Supposedly, they got into it over Daniel’s relationship with Kevin’s wife, Christine,” the source says of the encounter, which happened shortly before Daniel cut short his lease and moved out in March. On April 11, Christine and Kevin separated, and two months later she filed for divorce after 18.5 years of marriage. “Kevin and Christine have been battling it out over his $400 million fortune, but now there are cheating rumors, as well. The split was already nasty — but it’s even worse than anyone knows.”


What really happened with Daniel? “Kevin and Christine were both friendly with him,” the source says of the 42-year-old single dad, who paid $65,000 a month to stay in their guesthouse. But with Kevin, 68, away working on his hit show, Yellowstone, and directing his latest passion project, Horizon, Christine, 49, “refused to visit him as much and he got suspicious. He felt she was inappropriate in leaning on other people, and he believes that caused her to file so abruptly. That’s why he released a statement after she filed saying ‘circumstances beyond his control transpired.’”

Daniel swears he didn’t cross any lines in his friendship with the pair. “I am simply a renter,” the tech entrepreneur tells In Touch, adding that having been through a divorce himself, “I’m sure it’s a trying time for their family. I hope Mr. Costner and his wife can amicably resolve their differences. I wish them peace.”


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