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Yellowstone: Did Kevin Costner quit show to please his estranged wife? Here’s what we know

Kevin Costner of the hit show Yellowstone has found himself in some sticky situations because of his very public divorce and a messy departure from the show he starred in.

  • Kevin Costner is reportedly refusing to pay the amount of child support demanded by estranged wife
  • Costner quit his hit Yellowstone series to focus on his passion project

Kevin Costner is in the news for the last few months, courtesy of his messy separation with his ex-wife Christene Baumgartner, as well as his chaotic departure from the hit show Yellowstone. The former star of the hit show Yellowstone has found himself in some sticky situations because of his very public divorce and a very messy departure from the show he starred in. Now, the latest report suggests that Costner’s exit from Yellowstone was a forced one.

Kevin Costner was forced to quit Yellowstone?

Kevin Costner officially left the Paramount Network series Yellowstone, a few weeks ago. Fans were saddened and shocked by this sudden departure, which left many wondering if Costner’s soon-to-be ex-wife Christene Baumgartner is the reason behind the actor quitting the show. The speculation started when the couple announced their separation just a few days before the announcement of Yellowstone ending just after 5 seasons came.

According to the court documents reported by Insider, the couple’s divorce, Baumgartner wrote, “I have avoided being public about the reasons for our divorce. I have done this to protect our family’s privacy. I did not pressure Kevin to leave the Yellowstone show.”

Kevin Costner refusing ample child support?

The couple has found themselves in a public divorce. After going back and forth in court over whether Baumgartner can continue to live in the couple’s shared home, the judge ruled against it.


Entertainment Tonight reported that Kevin Costner is refusing to give the amount of child-support money asked by Christine. According to the publication, they acquired new court documentation that revealed that his ex-wife slammed the actor for his proposed child support of $51,940 a month compared to the $217,000 asked by Christine, she called the amount suggested by the actor “completely inappropriate”.

Christine goes on to call out Costner for saying he couldn’t afford her initial request of $248,000, saying that if he would’ve continued to act in the series Yellowstone, he would’ve been able to meet her requests.

Since the actor quit the series, it has come out that he wanted to focus on his passion project, Horizon, but the Paramount series was taking too much of his time, and hence wanted to clear more of his schedule for Horizon.

Speaking of Kevin and Christine, they got married in 2004, the couple had been married for almost 18 years. Christine first met him when Kevin was rehearsing for an upcoming film of his on a golf course, and then they reconnected in 1998 at a restaurant. The couple has 3 kids together.


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