‘Yellowstone’: ‘Rip Wheeler’s Fierce Loyalty’ Highlight Video Is A Must See


A video posted by Peacock shows a compilation of scenes displaying Rip Wheeler’s unmatched loyalty. Wheeler constantly proves his dedication to Yellowstone, and this video is just a glimpse into that. The video, posted the day of Yellowstone’s season three premiere, features scenes of Rip Wheeler from season one.

Comments under the video mention fans’ love for both Cole Hauser and the tough character he plays in Paramount’s Yellowstone. One writes his high praise for Hauser, saying, “This guy really took the role seriously. I don’t know how much preparation he did but Cole Hauser is nearly unrecognizable here. His expressions, mannerisms… disposition – nearly everything about the character seems entirely unique to Rip Wheeler. He deserves an Emmy award for his work on this show.”

Similarly, one user writes, “They couldnt of picked anyone better to play Rip Wheeler !!! Cole Hauser is one of the most underrated actors I’ve ever seen !!!” His comment has racked in nearly 400 ‘thumbs up’s.


Other highly-liked comments include “Without Rip, there is no Yellowstone!” “The Rip Wheeler character is what most men strive to want to be, fiercely loyal to a “T”, respected by his peers, & slightly feared by those who don’t truly know him.” One also mentions Rip Wheeler’s loyalty to Beth. “I liked the scene where Beth had been beaten and she called Rip. “I need you.” And Rip took care of business. Yeah!” the user comments.

Yellowstone fans anxiously await the fourth season. Questions of Beth and Rip’s fate, the survival of main characters, and Jamie’s family are left unanswered. The next season of Paramount’s hit series will most likely return June 2021. Until then, Yellowstone fans will most likely be rewatching favorite episodes, memorizing iconic lines, and binging character compilations, including this amazing Wheeler one.


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