Is Jamie a Biological Dutton? Yellowstone Fan Theory Proves It’s Possible


Will he finally reclaim his ‘stolen birthright’?

Arguably the biggest drama surrounding Yellowstone at the moment is when it will return to our screens. But if we can delve further into the Dutton family history, what will we discover?

Well, one Redditor has a theory about Jamie’s true heritage. And it doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

‘His mother Phyllis, I believe is from Spencer’s line,’ they wrote. ‘Her father was Michael Dutton (seen his grave at some point on Yellowstone) which I believe will be Spencer’s son with Alex. This is the reason Jamie’s name is James Michael (Randall) Dutton.’

With us so far? Good. So what would this mean for Jamie and the rest of the family?

‘If true, Jamie holds as much right to the land as John (Kevin Costner) above Kayce and Beth even, as Jamie would stand in for his mother.’

Woah! Now we can see why this revelation (if true) would change everything about the family dynamic. It would be a complete power shift, with the outlier Jamie suddenly making a massive land grab – literally!

But is there any truth to this? Maybe.

The Redditor continued: ‘I believe this is why Garrett Randall says again and again that ‘they stole Jamie’s birthright’ – me aning he’s relegated as an adopted son of John currently. And this is why John is so fearful of Jamie.’


See how things are starting to fall into place? The whole ‘stolen birthright’ thing has been a feature of the show with little explanation as to what exactly it means. Of course, we don’t know for sure that even the writers knew exactly where it was going.

Perhaps they did, but the Kevin Costner problem forced them to move things up or change their original course. If so, serendipity seems to be on their side.

The Redditor went on to say that they believe and pray that ‘Jamie isn’t as dumb as he currently looks…and that he is playing all sides to secure the Dutton land while framing Sarah and company for what will be the attempted murders of John and Beth.’

Not everyone agrees with this theory, though. In the comments section, people argued that, ‘It just seems too smart for this show’ and ‘I actually think Jamie is smart but I’m wondering if he’s not too broken at this point to rebel against them.’

On the face of it, the second point is true. But isn’t this typically the moment in TV and film when characters get a second wind and become determined to succeed?

OK, so it may not be the most obvious storyline. But it’s not completely out of the blue either. Roll on autumn (or 2024!) when we finally get to find out.


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