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What Does Lainey Wilson Think Will Happen To John Dutton?


When Lainey Wilson joined the Yellowstone family in Season 5 as Abby, a local country music singer, fans collectively lost their minds. We’ve loved watching her on-screen in the first half of the season and love whenever one of her songs is featured. As we continue to wait for the return of Season 5, what does Lainey think is in store for the show’s ending?

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Lainey shared, “If it was up to me, it’d go on and on and on and on and on. I love me some Yellowstone. I love what they’ve done for the Western way of life. I love what they’ve done for country music. I think it was really perfect timing for me and what I do, too, because it’s kind of like they might make country music cool again.”

She continued, “I’m not saying that it wasn’t. I mean, it’s always been cool to me, but if you get on TikTok, you see all the kids wearing cowboy hats and listening to country music and it’s kind of become more of a pop culture thing, which is really neat to see because, I mean, that’s the way of life that I grew up with.”

As far as how the show will end, Lainey has not received any hints from Taylor Sheridan, but says she hopes to return as Abby before the series finale. “When it comes to how it’s going end, I don’t know. I need to call Taylor Sheridan,” she said. “Fingers crossed that before it does end, hopefully I get to be back on the show again. I mean, the good news is they haven’t took me to the train station yet.”


When it comes to John Dutton’s fate on the show, she isn’t sure what’s in store for Kevin Costner either.

“Oh, Lord, I don’t even know, to be honest,” she said. “I hadn’t even [gotten] to meet Kevin Costner even on the set, but I’ve heard that he’s just an incredible dude, so I don’t know.”

She continued, “I have a good feeling that Tayler Sheridan is such an incredible writer and storyteller that no matter which way it goes, he’s going to do it justice and he’s going to do it right and I think he’s got a lot of incredible ideas. So, we’ll see what happens.”

The premiere date for the rest of Season 5 is in November, but that date seems less and less likely with the ongoing writers strike. There was a massive Kevin Costner update, though! It will greatly impact the future of the show…


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