‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Says This One Beth Dutton Scene Really Upset Fans

“America went after me for that!”


This is your daily reminder that Yellowstone‘s Beth Dutton, played by the Kelly Reilly, will absolutely Beth Dutton out of anyone who gives her so much as a sideways look — including, apparently … a little boy.

In season One, Beth took in Carter, but in the season finale, wouldn’t let him call her mom. “America went after me for that!” Reilly told TVLine. “I was like, ‘That’s the character, not me!’ But I get it. I wish she would [let herself be Carter’s mother] too.”

Before you get riled up, Reilly continued her thought with a solid backing of her fictional counterpart.

“If she’s telling this kid that she’s just met, ‘Yeah, I’ll be your mom,’ that’s not truthful to him,” she said. “She goes, ‘You had a mom. She died. I can’t replace that. But I’ll be your friend.’ I think there’s something honorable about that.”


Well, Beth Dutton is going to Beth Dutton, always and forever. It’s a hoot that fans singled out this one moment, though, considering all of the other stunts the character has pulled off. Since we have quite a bit of time to go until Yellowstone season 5 drops, may we present: a half-hour-long supercut of Beth Dutton’s finest moments.


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