Kelly Reilly Gives Depressing Update On Show’s Conclusion


“Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly thinks the conclusion to the hit show will be bittersweet, according to a recently released featurette.

Reilly portrays the powerful role of Beth Dutton on the hit Paramount Network series, which is currently poised to finish filming the final half of season five.

“The main theme of protecting and sustaining this way of life in this land is the bottom of everything,” Reilly said in a featurette from the DVD version of “Yellowstone” season five, part one, according to Insider. “So I don’t know which way it’s going to go but we’re in season five, and who knows what’s in store.”

The featurette was filmed long before the show started going through a series of upheavals that have since put it on full pause. A majority of that turmoil started with the show’s lead actor, Kevin Costner. The show’s air date was pushed back to November.


The release date was also delayed largely due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild strikes. So, who knows when we’ll get a concluding chapter of this iteration of “Yellowstone.”

“Though it will probably be beautiful and epic, I’m not sure it will be happy,” Reilly said of the show’s finale. Co-creator Taylor Sheridan isn’t spilling any spoilers, so I guess we’ll still have to wait and see.


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