Yellowstone Fans Think Season 2 Provided Major Foreshadowing For Plot Points In Season 5


Well into its fifth season, Taylor Sheridan’s massively popular neo-western “Yellowstone” has saddled up plenty of hyper-dramatic storylines for its loyal fanbase to keep track of during its 50-plus episodes so far. From its start, the show’s appeal has been driven largely by the proven formula of the extended Dutton family’s never-ending struggle to protect their sprawling Montana ranch from baddies closing in on all sides.

Herded together under the ruthlessly single-minded guidance of Kevin Costner’s patriarch, John Dutton, the rest of the Dutton clan and their various spouses, companions, ranch hands, and other allies can all be counted on to toe the line, no matter where that line is drawn. With John’s recent move to take up residence in the governor’s mansion, the series ramps up the action from local squabbles over boundary issues and unsanctioned wolf hunts to larger statewide concerns, and even national political intrigues. With its lengthy time on the air and multiple plots and subplots to wrangle, it may come as no surprise that some fans think they’ve spotted some seasonal repetition in the ongoing narrative of “Yellowstone.”

Yellowstone’s Season 5 is giving some viewers a sense of déjà vu

During its five seasons “Yellowstone” has spun out plenty of story arcs centering on the complex family life of John, his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly), sons Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Jamie (Wes Bentley), Beth’s husband, Rip (Cole Hauser), and others.


Responding to Season 5 developments on the show’s subreddit, series fan u/Beginning_Dog_6293 kicked off a discussion about the season with the title, “Season 2 Foreshadows Everything.” The user wrote, “I’m watching the Marathon right now and I swear everything in the last five episodes of Season 2 is foreshadowing everything in Season 5 and beyond.” While the Redditor cited a number of plot echoes between the two seasons, they zeroed in on a number of cross-season commonalities regarding Beth in particular, like her threat to annihilate anyone that brother Jamie loves. The same user also wrote, “every wild and free Dutton ends up dying,” adding that Beth, being nothing if not wild, could be next in this regard. This prompted Reddit fan u/The_last_melon1 to agree, writing, “There is a lot of foreshadowing about Beth having an earlier death than normal.” In addition, another Redditor believes that the plot predictions go even further back on “Yellowstone,” arguing that Beth foreshadows her own death in the first episode of the series.

Overall, it remains to be seen just how much of Beth’s future has been foreshadowed by her comments in previous seasons. However, if these fans are on to something, Beth’s storyline is definitely one to watch.


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