“I’m still learning”: After Kevin Costner, Another ‘Yellowstone’ Star Reveals Disagreements With Taylor Sheridan as Show Creator Refuses to Collaborate


Kevin Costner was one of the most loved aspects of Yellowstone. The series highlighted the actor’s mesmerizing talent and many watched it because of his involvement. However, the news of his departure from the show came as a shock to all. No one had expected things to turn the way that they did and suddenly the series too had concluded.

Although no one saw it coming, things seemed to be pretty heated behind the scenes. Costner was said to not mix well with Taylor Sheridan and they would often go up against each others’ ideas. The actor also did not like the direction in which his character was going. Unfortunately, he had no creative freedom over it whatsoever. So he decided to part ways with his character. Now, another actor has also similar issues.

Kelly Reilly Follows In Kevin Costner’s Footsteps

Yellowstone’s fifth and final season is already underway and fans are hoping to see what the bittersweet end of the series will actually bring to them. Kevin Costner had a solid foundation when he wanted to leave the series, disagreeing about his character’s direction. When things were not changing even though he wanted them to, he thought it would be best to leave the show instead. Another actress who feels the same is Kelly Reilly. The actress plays Beth Dutton in Yellowstone.

“I mean, I have my hopes and thoughts for the character. Also, as I’ve played her for over five years now, I feel like I know her so well, but I’m still learning.”


Kelly Reilly was very unhappy with how her character was going. Having played Beth for half a decade, she has fused herself with the character wonderfully enough to understand how she acts or what she will do. Taylor Sheridan’s approach toward the character is the exact opposite of what she and the fans want to see.

Kelly Reilly Doesn’t Think Yellowstone Will Have A Happy Ending

Kelly Reilly’s sentiments towards her character are in a similar direction to what Kevin Costner’s sentiments were. Her attachment has allowed her to see exactly how her character should be. However, the script barely allows any room for change. With the fifth season still under development, the actress does not think that the ending would be happy.

“The main theme of protecting and sustaining this way of life in this land is the bottom of everything. So, I don’t know which way it’s going to go but we’re in Season 5, and who knows what’s in store,” Reilly stated. “Though it will probably be beautiful and epic, I’m not sure it will be happy.”

She added that it would be conclusive and beautiful, but it might not be a happy ending. She is not sure about the direction of the series either because things haven’t been going her way for a while now.


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