Tim McGraw Hated His Beard So Much He Shaved It the Second ‘1883’ Wrapped Filming

Tim McGraw revealed in an interview he was thrilled to get rid of his beard he kept for '1883' and said he shaved it off right after production wrapped.


Tim McGraw is one of the most enduring stars in the country music business. Since the early ’90s, McGraw has steadily been releasing hits – many of which are now considered to be classics of the genre. McGraw is a multi-talented star, and throughout his career, he’s opted to act as well.

Some of McGraw’s film credits include roles in movies like The Blind Side, The Shack, and Four Christmases. McGraw’s most recent acting work has proven to be some of the most challenging of his career.

In 1883, McGraw portrayed a wild west settler, immersing himself in the history and culture of Montana. In an early 2022 interview with Bobby Bones, McGraw opened up about the experience, revealing why he hated the beard that he had to grow in order to play the character.

Tim McGraw played James Dutton in ‘1883’

1883 tells the story of the ancestors of John Dutton, who is memorably portrayed by Kevin Costner in the popular series Yellowstone. In 1883, viewers watch as James and Margaret Dutton, played by McGraw, and his wife, singer Faith Hill, travel to Montana in the post-Civil War world on a mission to create a home for their children as well as future generations.

As James Dutton, McGraw portrayed a character who is tough, intense, and a natural leader. He not only dove deep to get into Dutton’s psyche, but he underwent a physical transformation as well, growing a beard and allowing himself to be dirtied up.

The role was a challenge in more ways than one – and in an April 2022 interview with radio host Bobby Bones, McGraw opened up about the beard that he had to grow in order to play James Dutton.

What did Tim McGraw say about shaving his ‘1883’ beard?

In his interview with Bobby Bones, McGraw revealed that he couldn’t wait to get rid of his 1883 

beard. “I couldn’t wait to shave that … that was the first thing I did,” McGraw said. “I think we wrapped at like four in the morning on a Sunday morning, and the first thing I did was shave. I couldn’t wait to get rid of it.”

McGraw also revealed that he had to dye his facial hair in order to play Dutton. “I mean, it’s pretty much solid gray. So the hardest part about dealing with that the whole time was keeping it dyed,” the actor said. These days, McGraw is clean-shaven and is staying busy with his music career, playing sold-out shows in stadiums around the United States.

Tim McGraw might return to the world of ‘1883’

In spite of the numerous challenges that came with acting in 1883, McGraw loved his time working on the show – and in particular, he enjoyed the chance to act with his wife. “It’s the first time we’ve ever done any acting together,” McGraw revealed.

“The coolest thing was to go home with your acting partner and your life partner. And to lay in bed at night and talk about the scenes that you did today. Especially when things went really well.”

It’s possible that McGraw could be making a return to the Yellowstone universe, with rumors of more 1883 episodes on the way. While full details haven’t been released on what the second season of 1883 could entail, it seems as though producers will try their hardest to get McGraw back in action. For now, fans who are craving more of the excitement of 1883 can binge-watch the entire first season, which is now streaming on Paramount+.


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