‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Seriously Divided After a Major Question Comes Up About the Show

Many are curious about whether John Dutton will show up in another form in the hit TV franchise.


As Yellowstone winds down for the final episodes of season 5 part 2, fans of the series are wondering what will happen to the Dutton family. Amid sibling feuds, politics and questionable decisions from beloved characters, folks are equally interested in learning more about what will come for the show’s longtime patriarch, John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

Some viewers may know that John’s presence at the end of the Paramount Network show isn’t necessarily guaranteed due to the rumors that Kevin may leave after requesting to only “spend a week shooting the remaining six episodes,” per Deadline. What’s more, creator Taylor Sheridan spoke out of his plans to expand the universe to include more shows than 1883, 1923 and the upcoming Lawmen: Bass Reeves, with one spinoff reportedly starring Matthew McConaughey.

With the idea of more Yellowstone shows in the works, is it possible we’ll get to see more from the Duttons, particularly John? According to a viral Reddit theory, some are hoping to see the lead character in a way that helps them understand his past.

In a post uploaded on the platform, user @Significant-Sand9629 posed a question that left viewers of Yellowstone completely intrigued about getting a unique glimpse of his life. “Do you think a young John Dutton prequel would be a good idea?” read the initial post on August 16.

Given how actor Josh Lucas has portrayed a younger version of John Dutton throughout the show’s run, some people weren’t opposed to seeing this era of the character come back for a spinoff. “Josh Lucas is a good actor so it wouldn’t be a bad idea,” wrote one fan. “Yes, because more Josh Lucas is never a bad thing,” commented another. “Yes, with Josh Lucas,” said a different viewer.


Others had a different opinion on young John Dutton appearing on their screens. “A few years ago I would’ve loved this idea. But I just want them to stop now,” one person replied. “Good idea, I don’t know. But I’d watch it,” another voiced. “I think it’d be a good idea to finish 1923 before jumping onto another project,” a different viewer vocalized, referencing the success of the most recent Yellowstone project.

Although it’s unclear if this could come true, it’s plausible after what news has been released about Matthew’s potential spinoff. Despite the lack of details on the subject, Deadline shared that “a handful of original Yellowstone cast members” may appear on the show.

As for who will make it onto that series (like Cole Hauser or Luke Grimes), that is to be seen. But should there be a place for John Dutton to make it onto that series, maybe it will come in the iteration of Josh Lucas.

We’ll all have to stay tuned, but drop a comment below letting us know if you’d be interested in another prequel!


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