Forrie J. Smith Was A Good Sport About His Yellowstone Beatdown


If there is one law in “Yellowstone” you don’t break, it is the law of the branded men. The ranch hands who bear the curling Y brand of the Yellowstone insignia are different from the rest of the pack. These are the men (and sometimes women) who are either criminals or decide to pledge their undying loyalty to ranch owner John Dutton (Kevin Costner). They are the lifers, and just like the branded cattle who are marked, so they don’t get lost, these ranch hands are tools. But while they can’t quit or ever defy John in any way, there are some perks to having an accessory you can’t take off.

Branded ranch hands are untouchable. There is no fighting in the bunkhouse, and anyone who lays a hand on a branded worker is probably not long for this world. Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) strictly enforces this level of protection. Unfortunately for the rest, it is not always followed. Though Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) is branded and knows the rules, he has slipped up in the past. After Lloyd breaks the unbreakable law of not fighting a branded ranch hand, Rip has no choice but to punish him. But despite the practice that borders on torture, the actors knew how to film the scene like professionals.

Forrie J. Smith didn’t mind getting knocked around

Lloyd may be the oldest ranch hand residing in the bunkhouse, but he is also the most enduring. He has survived John Dutton’s brand as well as multiple brawls that have taken place on the ranch. However, one encounter makes Lloyd the focal point of a collection of fights. After his one night of romance with barrel racer, Laramie (Hassie Harrison), Lloyd’s heart breaks when she jilts him for a fellow ranch hand, Walker (Ryan Bingham).


Unable to conceal his jealousy, Lloyd instigates a fight with the guitar-strumming worker, even though they are both branded. Fights are a no-go, and Rip has to make an example out of Lloyd. This culminates in one of Rip’s most brutal scenes in the series. Insisting that this is to protect Lloyd from himself, he beats his friend bloody before crushing his hand under his boot. But even though it was heart-wrenching to watch, that wasn’t the case when filming the stunt on set.

“[Forrie J. Smith] has done the stunts throughout his career and obviously he’s a buckaroo,” Cole Hauser laid out for Entertainment Tonight. “He’s flown off a few horses so he allowed me to throw him around pretty good.” Hauser further explained that no stunt doubles were used for the encounter, making the conflict even more real while watching. Smith may have gone down hard, but Hauser was there to pick him right back up again.


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