Yellowstone Cast and Character Guide

Yellowstone Season 5’s Part 2 is coming soon, with new things to be excited about. But, there are still some familiar faces to look out for.


Since 2018, Yellowstone has garnered a massive fanbase due to its expansive neo-Western story. The universe is ever-expanding, with plenty of spinoffs currently available and in production. Unfortunately, Yellowstone itself is ending.

But, before that finale, Season 5 has to close. There’s still a bit of a wait for the second part of the final season, but there’s plenty to be excited about. Many actors are joining the Yellowstone cast for the end, but the core stars are still going strong.

Kevin Costner is John Dutton

John Dutton III is the patriarch of his family and the main character of Yellowstone. He comes from a family full of ranchers, and Yellowstone features him as the owner of the biggest ranch in America. His family and his home take priority in his life. The Dutton family’s status in Montana’s society puts them in different conflicts throughout the series.

Kevin Costner is the man behind John Dutton and the face of Yellowstone. He’s well-known for his other Western-style roles, like in SilveradoWyatt Earp, and The Highwaymen. He’s also starred in movies like The BodyguardThe Untouchables, and Dances with Wolves. Because of his work on the Western version of AvatarDances with Wolves, Costner won two Oscars to join his long list of accolades.

Kelly Reilly is Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton is the only daughter of John Dutton and his late wife, and to say she’s a loyal daddy’s girl would be an understatement. She isn’t interested in working on the ranch, but she’s fiercely protective of her family. As such, she’s often knee-deep in her various family conflicts while battling a tumultuous romantic relationship.

Kelly Reilly plays Beth in Yellowstone. The British star has been in plenty of movies and shows over the years, but she’s likely best known for her role in Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes movies, alongside roles in films like FlightPride & PrejudiceEden Lake, and Eli. Reilly is also a star in the upcoming supernatural mystery, A Haunting in Venice, based on Agatha Christie’s Poirot stories. That is hardly new territory for the star who also played in a show called Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

Cole Hauser is Rip Wheeler

Rip Wheeler isn’t technically a Dutton, but as Beth’s husband, he’s certainly part of the Dutton family. He has a troubled past and a rocky relationship with Beth, but he’s basically John’s third son and fiercely loyal to John and the Dutton family ranch.

The man behind Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone, Cole Hauser, has starred in many movies, including 2 Fast 2 FuriousRiddickThe Chronicles of Riddick, and Transcendence. He’s no stranger to action-packed projects or Bruce Willis movies, with titles like Acts of ViolenceHart’s War, and A Good Day to Die Hard under his belt. Still, Hauser is likely best known for his roles in the comedy movies Dazed and ConfusedThe Break-Up, and the groundbreaking drama Good Will Hunting.

Luke Grimes is Kayce Dutton

Kayce Dutton is the youngest of John Dutton’s children in Yellowstone and is in line to inherit the family’s ranch. He’s a little scarred from his time as a soldier, giving him some internal turmoil to battle throughout Yellowstone. However, his worst conflicts surround the different loyalties between him and his father. While his dad is loyal to the ranch, Kayce splits his loyalties between the Dutton land and its neighboring Broken Rock Reservation, a sacred part of his chosen family.

While Yellowstone has helped to cement Luke Grimes as a star, he’s starred in a few other notable projects. That includes movies like Happiness for BeginnersThe Magnificent Seven, and the Taken sequels. He’s also starred in shows like True Blood and Brothers and Sisters. However, he’s likely best known for his role as Navy SEAL Marc Alan in American Sniper or as Christian Grey’s brother in the former Twilight fanfiction Fifty Shades of Grey.

Kelsey Asbille is Monica Long Dutton

Monica Long Dutton is a member of the Dutton family by marriage as she’s Kayce’s wife and little Tate (Brecken Merrill)’s mom. More than that, she’s a pretty intelligent woman as an accomplished teacher and a bit of a platform for Indigenous voices, especially women. She’s fiercely loyal to the Broken Rock Reservation, which puts her in a tense situation as she’s caught in the middle of the war between Broken Rock’s Native American population and the Dutton family, both feeling entitled to the area’s land. Monica is an underappreciated character.

Kelsey Asbille plays Monica Dutton in Yellowstone. She’s likely most recognizable from her roles in shows like One Tree HillTeen WolfBaby Daddy, and Disney XD’s Pair of Kings. She’s also in movies like The Amazing Spider-ManThe Wine of Summer, and Run. Despite some controversy surrounding Yellowstone‘s depiction of Native Americans and the actors cast, Asbille’s part in the show isn’t her only notable Indigenous role, as she also starred in 2017’s Wind River


Wes Bentley is Jamie Dutton

Jamie Dutton is John Dutton’s adopted son and the family’s black sheep. Despite his constant need for his father’s approval and his work to better the family business, he never really fit in with the Duttons. Though he’s not exactly one of the villains in Yellowstone, he’s done some questionable things throughout his time on the show.

Wes Bentley portrays Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone. He got his big break in 1999 with American Beauty. Since then, he’s been in plenty of movies, like InterstellarMission Impossible: FalloutGone, and Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider movie. He’s likely best known for his roles in different American Horror Story seasons or for playing Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games.

Gil Birmingham is Thomas Rainwater

John Dutton and the rest of the Dutton family have a lot of conflicts throughout Yellowstone, but John’s ordinary back-and-forth comes from a man named Thomas Rainwater. He’s a casino owner and the Chief of Broken Rock. Unfortunately, because his goal to reclaim Native land includes the Yellowstone ranch, he’s basically John Dutton’s biggest enemy. The conflict between John and Rainwater is one of the notable strains on Monica’s relationship with the rest of the Dutton family.

Gil Birmingham, a proud Native American, plays Chief Thomas Rainwater in Yellowstone. Aside from Yellowstone, Birmingham tends to play roles representative of his heritage. That includes roles in movies like Hell or High WaterCrooked ArrowsRangoInto the West, and Wind River alongside Kelsey Asbille. He also played the beloved Billy Black in the often problematic Twilight Saga.

Danny Huston is Dan Jenkins

Dan Jenkins is another one of the Dutton family’s enemies in Yellowstone. Unlike Rainwater, Dan Jenkins isn’t interested in restoring Native land; he’s looking to make more money. He’s a billionaire and a land developer who wants to take the Yellowstone ranch from John Dutton and destroy the ranching empire he created. While he is a big part of Yellowstone, it’s unlikely he’ll be featured in the next part of the series.

Danny Huston plays the similarly named Dan Jenkins and is a relatively recognizable actor from a star-studded family. He’s starred in movies like The AviatorAngel Has FallenWrath of the Titans, X-Men OriginsWolverine, and Consecration. He’s been in shows like Succession, and some may recognize him as The Axeman in American Horror Story: Coven.

Wendy Moniz is Senator Lynelle Perry

Lynelle Perry is the former governor of Yellowstone’s home state of Montana. She’s a senator through the course of Yellowstone and is a loyal ally to John Dutton. The two are often considered love interests due to their shared affections and romantic chemistry, but they haven’t really established much of an official relationship. While nothing about the next part of Season 5 is known right now, it’s still possible that they’ll have some more romance.

Wendy Moniz is an accomplished actress who mainly works in TV. She’s been in plenty of shows and soap operas over the years. These include Law & Order: Organized CrimeDamagesNash BridgesGuiding LightKingdom, and House of Cards, among others.

To catch up with the Dutton family and more, Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 is currently expected to drop in November 2023.


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