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Today Braking News: Kevin Costner Eager to Return to ‘Yellowstone’


In a recent development regarding the hit series “Yellowstone,” Kevin Costner’s exit from the show has garnered significant attention due to reported negotiations and demands surrounding his departure. The 68-year-old actor, best known for his portrayal of John Dutton in the show, had apparently expressed a strong desire to continue his role in the series.

As reported by Puck News, Costner’s agents were actively engaged in discussions with Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator, and Paramount, with a fervent plea for Costner’s return, not only for the remaining episodes of the fifth season but also for future seasons.

Despite initial plans by the creators to move forward without Costner, the actor’s agent managed to arrange a crucial phone call between Costner and Sheridan, setting the stage for potential negotiations.

Negotiations Stall Over Additional Demands

In a surprising twist, Sheridan showed willingness to accommodate Costner’s request by agreeing to rewrite certain episodes to facilitate the actor’s return.

However, the negotiations hit a roadblock when Costner presented additional demands, which reportedly included an increase in compensation, a reduced filming schedule, and the authority to review, approve, and veto all future scripts.

It’s worth noting that while Sheridan was willing to make certain adjustments, the final request regarding script approval was met with resistance.According to insiders, this last point became the sticking point in the negotiations, leading to the confirmation of Costner’s departure from “Yellowstone.” This decision has raised questions about Costner’s contractual agreements, particularly a clause referred to as the “moral death” clause.


This clause outlines specific conditions under which John Dutton’s character can or cannot be killed off in the series. Concerns have been raised that the storyline crafted by Sheridan may potentially infringe upon the terms of this agreement.It’s important to note that despite these reported negotiations, Costner has yet to read the scripts pertaining to his character’s exit from the show.

The situation remains fluid, and fans of “Yellowstone” continue to speculate on the future direction of the series and the fate of John Dutton.In conclusion, Kevin Costner’s exit from “Yellowstone” has taken an unexpected turn with reported negotiations, additional demands, and concerns regarding contractual agreements.

As fans eagerly await the unfolding of the fifth season, the future of the iconic character, John Dutton, remains uncertain.


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