‘Yellowstone’ Podcast: How Kayce’s Decision Led to Tragedy #DuttonRules


Kayce Dutton was forced to choose sides during Ep. 1 of Yellowstone, and his decision came with grave consequences.

Forgive yourself if you missed this the first or second time you watched Yellowstone. It wasn’t until Ep. 1 premiered on CBS on Sept. 17 that we figured out what John Dutton’s youngest was doing during the climatic battle scene. His neighbors on the Broken Rock Reservation never figured it out.

Adison Haager and Billy Dukes reveal secrets of the Yellowstone premiere without spoiling what’s to come through Season 1. The Dutton Rules podcast co-hosts bring critical decisions into focus and answer questions like:

  • Why did John Dutton blow up the valley?
  • Who dies in Episode 1?
  • What side did Kayce Dutton choose, and what happened?

Find time codes in the description section for this podcast episode and skip ahead if you’re just looking to find out how Kayce’s decision led to tragedy. Had he chosen differently or stayed home that night, the family’s future would be forever changed, but by choosing to help, he put himself and his family in danger.


Fans of Yellowstone are encouraged to share thoughts and questions at For four-and-a-half seasons, Yellowstone has aired exclusively on Paramount Network, but a writer’s strike, SAG strike and turbulent negotiations with Yellowstone star Kevin Costner have created a programming void for CBS and a delay in continuing production for the TV show.

It’s not clear how long CBS will air old Yellowstone episodes or when Season 5 will resume on the Paramount network.


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