Here’s How Yellowstone Is Different on CBS

Kevin Costner's grumpy drawl, thankfully, will remain the same.


THE WGA AND SAG-AFTRA strikes have had a massive impact on the world of Hollywood, from tone deaf celebs trying to (unsuccessfully) circumvent the strike to film their talk shows, to major blockbusters like Dune: Part Two getting pushed back. TV shows have also been affected, with production on shows like 1923 being halted.

Another side effect of the ongoing strikes are some changes to the fall TV schedules. With writers and actors on strike, certain TV shows have been unable to film, leaving gaps in already planned programming. To counteract this, there have been some changes in fall schedules and premiere dates, and a major one is the arrival of Yellowstone on CBS.

As The Hollywood Reporter relays, the network’s new fall lineup will include unscripted shows, news programs, expanded 90-minute episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race and acquired shows like Yellowstone and Ghosts.

However, if you’re planning on turning in to the CBS airing of the show, expect some key differences. According to Country Living, since CBS is a network TV channel, Yellowstone will have to adhere to broadcast standards, which means no nudity, very little profanity, and no excessive violence. Yellowstone didn’t have to worry about any of that when it aired on Paramount, so its TV-MA rating meant the violence and F-bombs could fly.


CBS will mute profanity to adhere to censorship rules, and scenes with violence or sexual content will be edited or slightly cut. However, Yellowstone will still have a TV-14 DLV rating, so it’s not the best show to watch with the kids.

The first episode of Yellowstone aired on CBS on September 17 to massive ratings, and it will continue airing double episodes on the channel on Sundays, except on NFL doubleheader nights, when one episode will air.


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