Is Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Returning For NCIS Season 21? It’s Complicated


Mark Harmon appeared in over 430 episodes of the CBS series “NCIS,” and after so many years of loyal service in the fight against naval crime, Leroy Jethro Gibbs exited the show early in Season 19, leaving many to wonder if he would ever return. Upon further investigation, there are rumblings of a potential reprisal, with certain complications possibly standing in the way of any kind of Season 21 comeback.

When it comes to whether or not fans will ever see Gibbs again, an exclusive report from Closer indicates Harmon can’t make up his mind. Even though he was keen on the idea of coming back, it seems the launch of his book, “Ghosts of Honolulu,” has taken up most of his attention, apparently delaying the decision and causing more confusion in the process. “Mark’s been teasing a return to the show and everyone wanted him back,” an insider revealed to Closer in the report. “He’s still on the fence when it comes to going back to the grind. People wish he would stop getting them excited only to let them down.”

But it also appears that Wilmer Valderrama, who joined the series as Agent Nick Torres in season 14, is reportedly not up for more Gibbs in Season 21 or ever. “Wilmer has nothing personal against Mark, but he wouldn’t mind if he never came back,” the insider said. “This has been Wilmer’s time to shine, and he feels like he’s finally a main star, not a supporting player.” And he isn’t the only one who isn’t eager about Gibbs returning to NCIS duty.

Some fans feel that Leroy Jethro Gibbs should stay gone

“NCIS” fans have not been shy about voicing their opinions when it comes to the subject of Mark Harmon’s return to the series for Season 21 or beyond. One Reddit user doesn’t see it happening, writing in a post, “I’d say it’s rather unlikely at this point. The show has moved on and so has he. His character is in a good place with closure, and he’s in his 70s.” u/kfp22708 also feels that Leroy Jethro Gibbs doesn’t need to reappear in any capacity. “I definitely miss him, but it’s time for him to enjoy life while he still can,” they posted.


Then there are those who feel the character’s departure from the series was long overdue, such as u/Finish-Sure, who wrote, “Mark Harmon was great, but after so many seasons, his character got stale. I really like the team now, though I still kind of don’t like Torres.” Others like u/CosmiqCow also seem to prefer the new crew and Harmon’s replacement as head of the team, posting in a comment, “I actually really enjoy Gary Cole, so I hope Gibbs stays away.”

While there does seem to be a considerable amount of support for the actor not making his way back to the series, there are still those who strongly feel he needs to return to “NCIS.”

Certain people believe the the show isn’t the same without Mark Harmon

Plenty of people would like to see Mark Harmon return to “NCIS.” There are several fans who would prefer him to do so, but in a limited capacity, like u/quiltsohard, who wrote, “I’d like to see him come back as a guest like [Anthony DiNozzo Sr., played by Robert Wagner] does. Pop in every once in a while for some crazy case, then leave.” Others believe Leroy Jethro Gibbs has unfinished business with the series, such as u/Pro4TLZZ, who posted, “I hate the way they wrote him off. They need to do justice and write him a proper ending.”

Then there are those who wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Harmon back in the lineup simply because the show doesn’t feel the same without him in the lineup for every entry. u/ellieacd wrote, “It feels like an ok spin-off with Gibbs gone. It was his story, and without him, there just isn’t that unifying theme. It’s just a bunch of random episodes.” And u/Phyliinx summed things up with the post, “Gibbs is not there anymore? This is not NCIS.”

Given that there are so many conflicting views over the potential return of Mark Harmon, it will be intriguing to see what the future holds for the iconic “NCIS” character.


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