Yellowstone, Why’d You Do Him Dirty? This Character Deserved Better


Ever wondered why Cowboy vanished from Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is a real treat to watch because of all the drama in the Dutton family, but don’t forget about the smaller characters — they play a role too. Lately, fans of the show have been thinking about one character who they believe could have had a bigger part to play.

The character in question, the one who fans on Reddit believe was sadly underutilized, surprisingly doesn’t even have a name — Cowboy, portrayed by Steven Williams, the drifter and former ranch hand who made a brief appearance in a couple of episodes of season 2.

Cowboy was this mysterious guy who just wanted to make a quick buck while journeying to Arizona. He sought work at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch but didn’t stick around for long. He quickly realized that the Duttons and their ranch hands weren’t exactly the most law-abiding folks around. So, he decided to pack his bags and continue on his way.

Some fans found it amusing how the show’s creators didn’t seem to have a clear plan for him, so they just had him walk away. Others joked about humorous theories, like Cowboy being undercover or going on a supernatural hunt (a nod to actor Steven Williams’ role in Supernatural).


One user pointed out that Cowboy was getting bad vibes from the ranch and decided to quit. He even warned another character, Walker, about the shady dealings at the ranch. Another user mentioned that day workers like Cowboy come and go, so his departure wasn’t unusual.

While it’s true that day workers might not stick around for long, Cowboy’s character had so much more to offer. He was intriguing, and his interactions with the main characters could have added an interesting dynamic to the show.

Plus, with an actor like Steven Williams portraying him, there was definitely potential for some memorable moments. While he might have been a minor character, he certainly left an impression. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of him, but who knows? Maybe the showrunners have a surprise in store for us in the future.


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