Rip and Beth Moments Worth Remembering In Yellowstone

‘Yellowstone’: Rip and Beth’s 9 Most Romantic Moments


One of the most notable elements of the Yellowstone series is the iconic romantic relationship between Rip and Beth. The couple was once childhood sweethearts whose feelings for each other stood the test of time and bloomed into true love.

For the show’s past four seasons, we’ve enjoyed plenty of Rip and Beth moments. From their crazy first day to their marriage and everything else in between, there was never a dull moment in the couple’s romance in the series.

Our Favorite Rip and Beth Moments in Yellowstone

Since Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler had plenty of memorable moments throughout the show, we decided to list and share our favorites.

The Couple’s First Date

The couple’s first proper date, which was in episode two of the first season, was anything but typical. During that time, Beth declines Rip’s invitation to a music festival because she wants to do something that suits her personality more. They end up drinking in a car while watching a pack of wolves devour an elk.

While there, Rip tells Beth she hasn’t aged and might even cheat death. In response, Beth, with whiskey in hand, boldly runs out of the car and runs towards the pack of wolves. She yells at the feral beasts, telling them to run away.

When Rip manages to catch up, he asks why she did something that crazy. Beth simply says she was cheating death. This “date” certainly shows that Rip and Beth, and their relationship, is anything but ordinary.

You Look Good in Neon

Another memorable moment between the couple was when they went on a date to a bar, where they ended up drinking and dancing. In that romantic moment, Beth tells Rip it’s “Almost like a music festival.” After that, Rip replies by telling her, “You look good in neon.”

A Dance Outside the Barn

During an episode in Yellowstone season three, Rip and Beth have another romantic moment outside their barn. Rip finds Beth outside, howling like a wolf. Captivated by her carefree personality, he turns on the lights outside the barn. The two then share a passionate kiss while slowly dancing to the music Rip put on.

Rip Holds Beth’s Hand

During episode three of season three, Rip sits next to Beth and John at a rodeo show. Since John is sitting close by them, Rip hesitates to hold Beth’s hand.

Realizing this, John says, “You can hold her damn Hand, Rip,” which prompts Beth to say, “Thank you daddy.” With that, the couple happily hold hands while watching the rodeo show.

Calling Rip “Baby”

Another romantic but more tender moment between the couple happened in season three. Beth calls Rip “Baby,” and since he likes hearing her say that, he asks her to repeat it.

Rip asks what Beth wants him to call her, and she says, “wife.” Sadly, she quickly takes it back and runs away. She later clarifies the reason why she always runs away.

It seems Beth believes she can’t give him what he deserves. She also says she can’t have children and that being with her will be the end of him. In response, Rip says, “You’re all I need.”

Staring at the Stars While Drinking Whiskey

In season two, after fighting with Jamie, Rip joins Beth on the rooftop of John’s home. The two then share a romantic moment, watching the stars while drinking whiskey together.


During that time, Beth says that while she’s no longer treating whiskey as a crutch, she’ll have a sip and stare at the stars with him. Although Rip doesn’t say anything, the mere look on his face is enough to say how much he loves her loudly.

Welcoming Carter Into the Ranch

Beth crosses paths with an orphan named Carter in season four of the show. After meeting him when visiting John in the hospital, she manages to connect with him. Feeling as if she sees something in him, Beth decides to invite Carter to the ranch.

Despite the ups and downs, Beth gives him a second chance in life and acts like a maternal figure for Carter. The boy’s presence causes a change in the dynamic of Rip and Beth’s relationship.

Rip Rescues Beth

During episode seven of season two, a pair of masked shooters attack Beth in her office. Beth sends a quick text to Rip, asking him to help her.

Beth gets thrown on a table while one of the attackers shoots Jason, her assistant, in the head. Although Beth manages to take out one of the attackers, the remaining one beats her to a pulp.

Fortunately, Rip arrives just in time to save Beth. He manages to fend off the attacker, giving Beth the opportunity she needs to take the remaining attacker out. Although the entire incident shook her, Rip manages to comfort and calm Beth down by telling her how much he loves her.

Beth’s Proposal

During episode seven of season three, Rip returns home after a hard work day. While by the steps of the house they share, Beth proposes to Rip.

She gives him a ring, one that she thinks is perfect for Rip. While the proposal looked casual, it was still romantic and fitting for the couple.

Beth and Rip’s Marriage

Everyone who became fans of Rip and Beth in Yellowstone was waiting for the moment they got married. Spoiler alert! They got what they wanted. As befitting the couple, the event wasn’t something extravagant but a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing during episode ten of season four.

Beth even kidnaps a priest to perform their wedding. The event takes place on the ranch. The only people in attendance were Carter, John, and Lloyd, who was there as their witness.

There were also no fancy wedding dresses or cakes. It was just Beth and Rip, finally tying the knot after years of sharing their love for one another amidst the beautiful scenery of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

There is no doubt that the relationship between Rip and Beth gave Yellowstone much more depth. These romantic moments gave fans room to breathe as they watched the Duttons navigate and struggle in the harsh world of Yellowstone.


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