Yellowstone Fans Blast Beth Dutton’s ‘Psychopathic And Completely Unrelatable’ Storyline


Beth Dutton has a drama-packed storyline in Yellowstone causing mayhem for all Duttons alike but it looks as though not everyone is on board with it.

Out of all the many beloved but melodramatic elements that make up Yellowstone, it is Kelly Reilly’s strong female character Beth Dutton who takes the spotlight for many reasons.

Beth is the daughter of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton and also plays the part of one of the series’ dangerous women.

While the series has concluded on Paramount+, CBS has just begun streaming the hit western show, starting from season one.

And as newbie Yellowstone watchers get to know the Duttons and their chaotic lives, the reactions to how the original fans perceived the series have resurfaced.

This begs the question of will CBS viewers feel the same.

Beth is a cut-throat businesswoman and doesn’t bear the brunt when it comes to her family either – and fans get to learn of her vengeful tactics from the onset in season one.


This theme continues throughout the series and some Yellowstone fans have since taken to Reddit to discuss her harsh and sometimes questionable ways towards her brother Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) in particular.

Under a threat titled “Beth is getting worse” one user under the handle @thegreatsowhat shared: It’s gotten near impossible to sympathize with or root for Beth…

“Sad too because she’s such a badass character when she’s on a roll… but in the end, her obsession with taking down Jamie is psychopathic and completely unreliable,” they go on to say.


“Narratively, it has gotten beyond old. I can root for a character with great flaws… but not if they don’t own them. She pretends to own them, but she only owns the “romantic ones” like drinking too much or being a general badass who doesn’t take shit from anybody,” @thegreatsowhat also shared.

They weren’t alone in their thoughts as fan @dopepizza pointed out: “I’ve always wondered why there isn’t more resentment towards her dad??

“Like she obviously didn’t feel comfortable going to him for help so that’s why she went to Jamie.. I know John apologized but still didn’t seem like she harbored any anger towards him for it.”

Another user @bekah-Mc echoed: “I agree, it feels like Beth is going to burn herself out trying to destroy Jamie. She’s kept the abortion/hysterectomy from Rip so she can use it to her advantage.”


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