Yellowstone Fans Ready to Give This “Irredeemable” Character the Boot


Not only Costner’s character should end up in the ‘Train Station,’ fans say.


  • Although the release date is unknown, Season 5 Part 2 of Yellowstone will be the final chapter
  • Fans speculate which characters should pay for their actions
  • This one irredeemable member of the Dutton family is the main candidate

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone is popular because of the complexity and sophistication of its characters. After all, the modern generation of Duttons isn’t just a struggling family trying to survive. They are literally antagonists, not only owning the largest ranch in Montana, but trying to maintain control of the entire state through illegal means and murder.

But it’s not just their ambiguous outlook on life that gives Yellowstone’s characters vibrancy, it’s also their attempts to hold on to family ties despite all the trials and tribulations, while dealing with their own family traumas. All of this leads to unhealthy attachments, sublimation, irrational behavior, and irredeemable actions. And no one among the Duttons stands out as much as Beth, played by Kelly Reilly. But as tragic a character as she is, her actions only made fans more eager for Beth to be killed off in the Season 5 finale.

Beth Dutton’s Tragic Fate

Beth is perhaps the most overprotective member of the Duttons, and this is particularly evident in her attitude toward John. She is devoted to him, though perhaps ‘devoted’ is not the right word. Rather, she’s obsessed with protecting him at all costs, even if her excuse is that she’s protecting the entire family and the ranch. This eventually leads to incredibly erratic behavior, anger issues, and distorted perceptions.

The roots of Beth’s mentality come from the events of her childhood surrounding the death of her mother, when Evelyn Dutton took Beth and Kayce for a horseback ride. Beth’s horse stumbled and Evelyn’s horse fell, crushing her. The mother blamed the girl for what had happened, and that was the very last conversation they had before Evelyn’s death.

That’s when something clicked in Beth’s head, and for the rest of her life, including the events of the first part of Season 5, she subconsciously tried to find redemption. She found it by channeling all of her resentment and hatred on John’s adopted son, Jamie.


What Makes Her So Detested

Beth essentially stopped being a real protector of the family and turned into a manipulative and deceitful person who devalued her siblings and even John to some extent. Her every action is unnecessarily cruel and unjustified, and this makes fans love the character less and less and count on her to get what she deserves in the end.

As we said, she has focused her failures, resentments, and shame on Jamie, thinking that he is the cause of all of her problems. Don’t get us wrong, Jamie is by no means a positive character, he was responsible for the deaths of innocent people, and most importantly, he is one of the reasons why Beth is the way she is. After all, he literally took his sister to be sterilized at one point.

But he’s an equally broken person whose whole life has been about John trying to turn his children into monsters, tools working for the Duttons’ benefit. Only, while Jamie himself understands this perfectly well, Beth continues to be blind to the truth, causing Jamie even more evil than he has done to her over the years.

Moreover, Beth, ostensibly concerned that her husband, Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), remain a decent person, unlike her, literally forced him to blackmail Jamie. In other words, not only did she pressure her husband to turn on his friend, but she also manipulated him into doing the dirty deed. All of this just goes to show that her obsession with revenge and her self-centeredness are so prevalent that Beth basically doesn’t even think about her husband or her family anymore.


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