Wondered About Mark Harmon’s Next Steps After NCIS? He May Get A Little ‘Freaky’

If not Gibbs, then what?


With NCIS officially set to return in January after strike-related delays, it means another wave of “Bring Gibbs back” chants from the CBS drama’s fanbase. But while Mark Harmon doesn’t have a broadcast return set in stone, he is currently promoting his co-authored book about the real-life NCIS, titled Ghosts of Honolulu. But what’s next to come for the actor once all things related to naval counterintelligence are no longer calling his name? It sounds like he’s mentally prepared to get a little freaky again for more body-swapping chaos opposite Jamie Lee Curtis. No, not like that. I mean the long-hoped-for sequel to Disney’s 2003 take on Freaky Friday.

It’s been 20 years since the Coleman family first hit the big screen, with Curtis starring as the psych-minded mom of Lindsay Lohan’s put-upon high school student, and the former has been voicing her interest in more Freaky Friday, with Lohan and Disney also seemingly on board, despite not much obvious forward momentum behind the scenes. But it looks like fans can count Mark Harmon in on joining the squad, as the actor hinted at such a turn of events during his The Kelly Clarkson Show appearance to promote his new book. When asked about the recent bursts of social media chatter for both Freaky Friday and his 1987 comedy Summer School, here’s how he answered:

The first one is because Jamie’s talking about it. And you know Jamie. I love her. I’ve known her since she was 15. So if she was talking about it, it’ll happen. Because all things happen.

It admittedly seemed like Harmon aimed to continue talking there in the end, but since he didn’t, I kind of love the sense of ominousness that comes with a declaration like “Because all things happen.” If the little devil man on your shoulder said it will happen, expect it to. Because all things happen.


Anyway, Mark Harmon handled that answer with the deft of someone who’s been dealing with Hollywood-related interviews for decades. He didn’t quite say he’s planning or hoping to reprise the role of Ryan for a Freaky Friday sequel, or even that one is officially in the cards, and instead put the onus of the project’s existence on the back of Jamie Lee Curtis’ influence. If anyone from that movie has the pull to make it a reality, it’s her.

Director Mark Waters delivered a huge one-two punch by delivering Mean Girls the year after Freaky Friday, with the wildly influential high school comedy coming back in a big way through co-stars’ Walmart ad reunions and the upcoming Mean Girls musical. But while everyone should stop trying to make “fetch” happen, no one should stop clamoring for Freaky Friday 2, especially now that even Mark Harmon is potentially aligned with returning.

While waiting to hear whether or not Jamie Lee Curtis’ influence will bring Freaky Friday 2 to life, Mark Harmon’s new book (co-authored by retired NCIS special agent Leon Carroll Jr.) can be ordered now with an Amazon Prime subscription, or from your retailer of choice.


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