Yellowstone’s 6666 Spinoff: What Happened to the Series (and Is It Delayed)?

The Yellowstone Universe is expanding, but what happened to the 6666 spinoff, and will it ever be released?

  • 6666, the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, was supposed to be released in 2023 but may be delayed until 2024 due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.
  •  The show may have a cable release, unlike the previous spinoffs, a good sign for the hopes of the series.
  •  The main plot of 6666 will take place on the Four Sixes ranch in West Texas, focusing on its history and the conflicts that arise. Jimmy and Emily from Yellowstone may return as characters.

When a modern Western drama series, Yellowstone, premiered on Paramount+, no one could predict its eventual popularity. The show’s success caused a general expansion into a separate universe, with several spinoffs that followed. Taylor Sheridan created the series with Kevin Kostner in the leading role. The star actor is John Dutton, the owner and the patriarch of the biggest ranch in the country, with a historical family tradition. After the original show, the established director got the green light to create two prequel shows, 1883 and 1923, that would follow the previous generations of the Dutton family. The prequels were both well-received by the audience.

Also, Lawmen: Bass Reeves initially intended to be a part of the Yellowstone Universe, but that did not happen, and the show embarked on a separate journey. Nevertheless, another Yellowstone spinoff, titled 6666, is in the making and is set on the same timeline as Yellowstone. Setting the stage for this spinoff began in Yellowstone season four and partially continued in the fifth season. But, let’s see at what stage the show’s development is currently, and should the audience expect certain delays?

The Exact Release Date of Yellowstone’s 6666 Remains Unknown

Sheridan-Verse’s expansion in the last few years has been remarkable, and Taylor’s neo-Western storytelling did not go unnoticed. Yellowstone kickstarted this phenomenon, and the show’s popularity only grew through its five seasons. However, the original show is in its last season, mainly because of the Sheridan-Costner controversy, leaving the space for 6666 to fill out the potential gaps.

The 6666 was supposed to be released in 2023, but the SAG-AFTRA strike affected the initial plans. And, even though nothing has been confirmed officially, the show should hopefully air sometime in 2024. Interestingly, the show will also get a cable release, unlike the two other spinoffs, 1883 and 1923, which are exclusive to the Paramount+ streaming platform. This proves the show has high hopes and expectations to succeed, like the now iconic Yellowstone.

The upcoming show brings the most novelties to the Yellowstone Universe so far. The biggest one is the transfer of the central storyline from Dutton’s ranch to the famous Four Sixes, where John Dutton shipped Jimmy. The former ranch hand will likely play an essential role in 6666 and will be the main link between the spinoff and the original series. It is still unclear to what extent, though. The other character most likely to return is the vet technician and Jimmy’s love interest, Emily.


Yellowstone’s 6666 Cast & Plot

Yellowstone, 1923 and 1883, showcased generations of the Dutton family developing and protecting their estate in Montana. 6666 changes that, as the main plot will occur on another historical ranch, Four Sixes. Not much is known about the plot, but according to a press release from Paramount, the audience might learn a lot about the ranch’s history. Four Sixes is also known to be where the finest horses and cowboys are being made, which audiences saw during Jimmy’s time at the ranch in Yellowstone.

The famous ranch is described as a historic and peaceful place in West Texas where conflicts, like the ones seen in the Yellowstone series, are not part of everyday life. From Jimmy’s and Walker’s comments about the place in Yellowstone, Four Sixes was described as an area where skills as a cowboy are all that matter, and ego needs to be put aside. There are vast cattle ranches, and that is everyone’s top priority. However, it is to be expected that some forms of conflict have to arise for the show’s purposes. And that’s where Jimmy’s past life might come knocking again.

As Yellowstone is wrapping up its final season, though a release date has yet to be set, another possibility is that some other characters, besides Jimmy, could be sent from Montana to Four Sixes as a lending hand or permanently. That would solidify the connection between the two shows and create a perfect setting for the upcoming series.

One of the reasons there is not much known about the general plot and release date is Sheridan doesn’t know either. The prolific director bought the Four Sixes ranch, and he needs to show enough dedication and special care to the show since 6666 is a real place, and real families live there.

As for the additional cast, there were rumors that Mathew McConaughey might join the show as a central character. However, that could be in a new Yellowstone spinoff following Costner’s departure. While this would skyrocket the show’s popularity, many variables must be arranged for it to happen. In the role of Walker, Ryan Bingham is also rumored to appear again as a guest star or as a permanent part of the cast.


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