Yellowstone: Ian Bohen’s Favorite Thing About Playing Ryan Gives Big Cowboy Energy


The hype train is at full steam as we head into the final run of “Yellowstone” episodes in Season 5, Part 2. While the Duttons have always been the central face of the popular Paramount Network series, the show’s large cast of side characters has become increasingly prevalent throughout the unfolding story.

For instance, Ryan (Ian Bohen) was once a simple ranch hand with a few lines here and there. By Season 5, however, he was a big enough character in his own right to have his own love story. Despite pining for that plotline, Bohen didn’t name it as his favorite thing about working on “Yellowstone.” “Having the landscape to play in,” he told Swagger Magazine when asked about the best part of the show for him. “You know, we have these sets that are built inside sometimes, or stages that actors get to play on. When you’re set, your playground is the mountains of Montana, and you get the animals and the livestock to interact with.”

The “Yellowstone” actor also expressed joy in being able to do things like roping and working on the ranch while filming the show. “That’s been my most favorite because it’s very unique,” Bohen explained.

Ian Bohen also loves shooting these scenes with his co-stars

Ian Bohen also shared his joy in being able to shoot so many of these complex and exciting scenes with the other members of the bunkhouse. “Even if you do get to ride maybe, or do a little bit of cowboy stuff, or sort of chase somebody down on a horse, you don’t get to put them all together,” he said of his previous acting experiences. “So, having four or five people in the bunkhouse doing that at once, yeah, that’s been my favorite thing. Doing it as a troop. That would be it.”


As for what we can expect from Ryan when “Yellowstone” finally returns for its concluding run, it’s tough to say, as the character was left at a bit of an impasse when we last saw him. Ryan leaves his new girlfriend, Abby (Lainey Wilson), at the end of Season 5, Part 1, so that he can help drive some cattle over a long distance for the Duttons.

While Ryan’s final “Yellowstone” story could see him fulfilling this agreement, it could also see him reconnecting with Abby and having a happy ending in the process. As for whether Bohen will get to do more riding and hanging out with the bunkhouse boys, that pretty much seems like an eventuality that we can count on when the show returns in late 2024.


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