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Matthew McConaughey Is Reportedly Considering Stepping Away From His ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff (Is Taylor Sheridan To Blame?)


It’s been nearly a year since we first heard about Matthew McCoughney‘s Yellowstone spinoff, which he compared to “an awesome vacation.” It doesn’t sound so awesome anymore: Life and Style reports that the actor is annoyed by the lack of progress on the series and considering moving on.

“Matthew can’t book movie work that is going to potentially overlap with the show,” an insider said. “But he still doesn’t have clarity on when exactly this job would even start. He wants to make the deal — it’s become this incredibly drawn-out process.” They added, “No deal has ever taken this long for Matthew. Especially after he won his Oscar, getting folks to meet his asking price has been a breeze.” McCoughney is reportedly asking for $2.5 million an episode, which is nearly double what Kevin Costner allegedly makes.


There might be another issue: creator Taylor Sheridan.

“Taylor’s got a reputation for being a jerk with a ‘God complex,’” says the insider. “Matthew doesn’t particularly like behind-the-scenes drama.”

The only drama the Texas-born actor wants is whether he’ll order the Patty Melt or Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich from Whataburger (go with the patty melt).

Besides, even if the McCoughney spinoff goes nowhere, there’s still plenty of Sheridan shows to go around, including 1923Lawmen: Bass Reeves, and the original series, which wraps up later this year.


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