NCIS Season 21 Premiere Synopsis Previews What’s Next After Torres Cliffhanger

New details about NCIS season 21 offer up details on what’s next after that shocking cliffhanger of Torres confronting a man from his past.

  •  NCIS season 21 will address the shocking cliffhanger involving Torres confronting the man who tormented his family.
  •  Season 21 debuts Monday, February 12 at 9 PM ET on CBS.
  •  The premiere will offer a greater perspective on Torres and his history, but it’s unlikely he will do anything too drastic.

New details about NCIS season 21 shed light on what’s next after season 20’s Torres cliffhanger. Delayed because of the scheduling fallout from the Hollywood strikes, the long-running franchise will return to CBS in just under a month. When it comes back, the original NCIS show will waste no time in addressing the shocking wrap-up involving Wilmer Valderrama’s Nicholas “Nick” Torres.

TVLine shares that the NCIS season 21 is titled “Algún Día.” The episode will see the NCIS team helping Torres when he risks his future by confronting the man who tormented his family when he was a child.” This will pick up from the season 20 finale, in which Torres is holding a gun and looks ready to shoot someone from his past.

NCIS season 21 debuts Monday, February 12 at 9 PM ET on CBS.

NCIS Season 21 Puts The Spotlight On Torres


NCIS season 20 concluded with Torres facing off with a man from his past and going as far as to say he wanted to watch the man die. The man insists that he’s changed, even needing a moment to recognize Torres, but the Special Agent doesn’t want to hear it. It’s evident whoever he’s confronting has harmed Torres greatly in the past, but the question remains whether Torres will actually pull the trigger


Some details about Torres shed light on his difficult upbringing. His mother and sister lost their home. Because of this, they had to move to Columbia. At times, they were barely able to feed themselves and had to rely on help from a charity. This has given Torres a different perspective than other NCIS agents, leading him to occasionally break the rules. He would also clash with Gibbs, at times, back when Mark Harmon was still on NCIS.

NCIS is poised to dig deeper into Torres’ history with the premiere. It’s somewhat unlikely that the Special Agent will do anything too drastic, given that he’s seen smiling in the season 20 poster. But the fallout from the cliffhanger will offer a greater perspective on a character that has been with the CBS franchise since 2016.


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