The Best Order To Watch Yellowstone & Its Many Spinoffs

The Yellowstone universe has begun to grow, sprouting several spinoff series which span several generations. Here's the proper viewing order.

  •  Choose your viewing order: You can watch Yellowstone in chronological order starting with 1883 and 1923, or start with Yellowstone and then move on to the prequels. It’s all about personal preference.
  •  Loose connections: While the Yellowstone series are loosely connected, each show stands on its own. You can enjoy 1883, 1923, and Yellowstone independently without needing to watch one to understand the others.
  •  More spinoffs coming: There are two confirmed Yellowstone spinoffs, including a Matthew McConaughey-led series and 6666. 1923 will also return for its final season. The franchise may continue expanding in the future.

With so many Yellowstone spinoff shows joining the universe, it can be confusing to figure out where to start and to know in what order to watch Yellowstone. Taylor Sheridan’s Western drama has taken television by storm over the last several years, quickly branching into a muti-series universe that follows the Dutton family tree in 1883 and 1923. The franchise continues to pull big names in Hollywood, with names like Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill rounding out its various casts.

Each series in the Yellowstone universe follows the legacy of the Dutton family as they settled their land in Montana. 1883 is a single-season series that follows James and Margaret Dutton and their hardships as they migrate to Montana to claim land. The Duttons took on real-life challenges in 1923, as a new generation began to build their empire amidst Prohibition and the Great Depression. Yellowstone sees the culmination of generations of work as the modern-day Dutton family fights to keep the land their ancestors poured blood, sweat, and tears into.

What Order To Watch The Yellowstone Shows In

There Is More Than One Option For Watching The Yellowstone Saga

There are two major paths audiences can take in tackling Yellowstone and theYellowstone spinoff shows, depending on their preferences. For those who genuinely wish to experience the Yellowstone timeline in chronological order, the viewing order would start with 1883, move to 1923, and then get rounded out with all five seasons of Yellowstone. However, to understand all the nuances of the prequels and understand what is being built up to, it would be best to start with Yellowstone before moving on to 1883 and 1923, respectively. There isn’t an incorrect way to enjoy the Western drama — ultimately, it just comes down to personal preference. However, these are the Yellowstone series in chronological order:

  • 1883
  • 1923
  • Yellowstone

Taking in the entire Yellowstone universe is no small ordeal, so it makes sense to have a viewing plan mapped out — especially because the franchise is split between two streaming services. While all five seasons of Yellowstone can be found on Peacock, both 1883

 and 1923 are hosted by Paramount+. With several more spinoffs, including the Matthew McConaughey-led prequel and 6666, set to join the universe in the upcoming future, deciding on a viewing order before diving into the massive franchise can help viewers get the most out of their Yellowstone experience.

Do You Need To Watch All The Yellowstone Series?

Loose Connections Build The Yellowstone Universe But The Shows Stand On Their Own

All the series in the Yellowstone franchise are loosely connected, but none of them are required viewing to watch another. 18831923, and Yellowstone can all be enjoyed independently. Each series contributes to the viewing experience of the others, providing nuance and background information that can increase the viewing experience. However, each series focuses on a different segment of the Dutton family tree, making it possible to enjoy each separately, and the Yellowstone franchise watching order isn’t that important.

When Future Yellowstone Spinoffs Are Set (And How It Changes The Watch Order)

Two Spinoffs And The Return Of 1923 Are Confirmed

More Yellowstone spinoffs are in development. Including 1923 season 2, there are three upcoming Yellowstone spinoff shows. Two of the spin-offs are sequel series, the first of which is an as-yet-untitled series starring Matthew McConaughey, and it has been hinted that the actor could appear in the final six episodes of Yellowstone season 5 to make for a more seamless transition. The second spin-off that takes place after Yellowstone is 6666, a confusing title given that other spin-offs’ titles were years. However, 6666 is the name of a ranch in Yellowstone, and it’ll be the basis for a series that’s set immediately after Yellowstone season 5.

While 1883 seems to have concluded its story with one season, 1923 will return for season 2, which will be the series’ final season, though it has been drastically delayed due to the WGA writers’ strike. Initially, Lawmen: Bass Reeves was set to be connected to the Yellowstone universe as a spinoff of 1883. However, it has since changed course to be its own show that may start its own franchise focused on various lawmen of the Old West. However, with the growing popularity and success of the Yellowstone universe, there is always the possibility of the franchise expanding even more.


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