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Yellowstone Rumor: Matthew McConaughey Makes Huge Demand To Replace Kevin Costner


The production of “Yellowstone” has been filled with as much drama as the saga of the Duttons itself. While Kevin Costner may be leaving early due to scheduling issues and creative differences, things seemed to be getting back on track with a new “Yellowstone” spin-off, tentatively titled “2024,” that would star Matthew McConaughey in the lead role. Unfortunately, there are troubles with that show that could further derail the franchise.

Radar Online reported on a rumor that McConaughey and producers are having trouble reaching an agreement for him to headline the upcoming series. An insider told the National Enquirer, “Matthew and his team know he’s the number one creative choice for the post-Kevin version of ‘Yellowstone’ that’s being planned, but Paramount is dragging its feet on his $2.5 million per episode asking price — and there’s a real possibility Matthew will just move on.”

It’s a hefty price tag, but McConaughey is an A-list star who won an Academy Award for “Dallas Buyers Club.” Sources also suggest the actor is hesitant because starring in a show like this would mean he’d have to scale back on movies. As the report is still a rumor, it’s worth taking it with a grain of salt, but it certainly wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. Regardless, it doesn’t look good for the show that’s been a monster when it comes to ratings.

Matthew McConaughey has been hinted to join the Yellowstone universe for a while

Matthew McConaughey has been attached to join the Yellowstone family for a while now. The Hollywood Reporter wrote in March 2023 that the actor had been lined up to star. The SAG-AFTRA strike undoubtedly put a pin in the negotiations, but as Radar Online continues, everyone was hoping to get a firm commitment once the strike ended, “The expectation was that once the Hollywood strikes ended, sealing the deal would be a quick process but [the producers are] really dragging their feet on meeting [McConaughey’s] demands!”


McConaughey’s price tag is high. It’s nearly double Kevin Costner’s “Yellowstone” payday; in 2022, Variety reported that figure was $1.3 million per episode. That same report mentioned how Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, who led the spin-off, “1923,” each earned $1 million per episode. McConaughey’s salary demands are steep, but they may be worth it to keep the franchise alive.

Taylor Sheridan has big plans for the IP moving forward. The second part of “Yellowstone” Season 5 is slated to release in November 2024, which will close out the mainline series. In addition to “2024,” there’s also the expectation to do a spin-off called “1944,” which will be another prequel series following a previous generation of the Dutton family. The rumor about McConaughey’s pay dispute may be false or exaggerated, and his inability to reach a deal is due to something else. But hopefully, all this drama doesn’t mean “Yellowstone” will be put out to pasture soon.


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