Yellowstone Star Gil Birmingham Confirms Kevin Costner’s On-Set Behavior


There’s been much ado about Kevin Costner’s behind-the-scenes behavior on “Yellowstone” over the last year. As the show’s central star has been battling it out with Taylor Sheridan and the Paramount Network, fans have begun to speculate that his character will be killed off when the show returns for Season 5, Part 2. That is, if he comes back at all.

However, his co-star Gil Birmingham, who plays John Dutton’s (Costner) occasional ally and rival Chief Rainwater on “Yellowstone,” has nothing but good things to say about his co-star. The actor said as much at The Critics Choice Awards on January 7, 2024 (via Fox News). “Kevin is [an] extraordinary talent; he has been for his whole career, and it’s not any different on our show,” Birmingham said. “He’s a major leader, and we have such deep respect and appreciation for him.” Additionally, Birmingham also gave Costner’s leadership skills immense praise.

“I think he’s a mentor to everyone on our set,” the actor said. “His vast experience and just his amazing presence, how he portrays John Dutton. We all learn something every day with him,” he explained.

Gil Birmingham is happy to see the show’s growth over time

Fortunately, regardless of what’s been happening behind the scenes of “Yellowstone,” the series has been going on stronger than ever in its fifth season, and Gil Birmingham has definitely noticed the show’s growth. “We’ve just been watching it gather a fanbase exponentially season after season until we become the number one show on cable television,” Birmingham said. “And we couldn’t be more excited to have fans really connect to it and by word of mouth passed it on to so many of our loyal fans.”


Birmingham’s character has been lucky enough to survive the events of “Yellowstone” so far and will likely have his concluding moments in Season 5, Part 2 as well. Whether he will finally achieve his goal of regaining his people’s lost land or whether he’ll be voted out in favor of a new up-and-comer remains to be seen, but the actor needn’t worry all that much either way.

After all, Birmingham has popped up in previous Taylor Sheridan projects like “Wind River” and “Hell or High Water.” As such, he’ll likely have plenty of opportunities to work with the “Yellowstone” creator again, especially as Sheridan’s television dynasty only seems to be expanding with each passing year.


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