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Kevin Costner’s New Western Franchise Problem Risks Causing His Yellowstone Exit To Backfire

Kevin Costner's Horizon movies carry high stakes upon their Summer 2024 release considering what the actor has sacrificed to create them.

  •  Kevin Costner’s exit from Yellowstone puts added pressure on his Horizon franchise, as fans will be curious about his decision and may expect a lot from the new movies.
  •  The integrity of Yellowstone’s final episode is at stake with Costner’s departure, which could lead to higher expectations for the success of the Horizon movies.
  •  The difficulty in finding funding for Horizon: Chapters 3 & 4 creates a risky situation for Costner, as investors may wait to see the success of the first two chapters before committing to future sequels.

Kevin Costner’s new Western franchise Horizon: An American Saga runs the risk of his already controversial Yellowstone exit. The celebrated Taylor Sheridan and Paramount+ series has had a bumpy road over the course of 2023, with multiple delays and behind-the-scenes tensions regarding how the series, which only has six episodes left. After Costner had initially negotiated for a lesser commitment on Yellowstone’s final episodes, he ended up walking away from the series altogether to completely refocus on his Civil War-era passion project Horizon.

The first two installments of Costner’s Horizon franchise are set to release in Summer 2024, with Horizon: Chapter 1 premiering on June 28th and Horizon: Chapter 2 releasing on August 16th. The two-part movie event will mark the first time that Costner has directed himself in a feature film since 2003’s Open Range. It should be noted that Costner’s two Academy Awards come from his work as a director on the 1991 Best Picture winner Dances with Wolves. The two Horizon films will also mark the first screenwriting credits for Costner, but developing concerns about Horizon: Chapters 3 & 4 raise questions about the strength of the new Western franchise.

The Stakes For Horizon: An American Saga Are Higher Because Of Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone Exit


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