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Sister Wives: Why Robyn’s Kids Won’t Attend Gwen’s Wedding Festivities

Gwendlyn Brown from Sister Wives revealed that none of Robyn and Kody Brown's children will attend any of her wedding festivities in the coming year.


Gwendlyn Brown hasn’t held back her feelings since Sister Wives season 17 stopped filming, and mentioned that Robyn Brown’s kids won’t go to her wedding festivities. The 21-year-old has decided to take out all of her frustrations that have to do with her polygamous family and share them with the public. Gwen has aimed most of her anger toward her father, Kody Brown, and his wife, Robyn.

For most of her young life, Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown has been followed around by TLC cameras as her mother, father, and his three other wives navigated a world that wasn’t made for polygamy. Gwen was first spotted as the tall daughter of Christine Brown, who usually kept her thoughts to herself. Over the years, Gwen has grown into her own person who is happy to share her thoughts and opinions with her other family members. Gwen was one of the first children to stick up for Christine and lash out at Kody’s bad behavior over the last few years.

Sister Wives’ Gwen Brown Isn’t Close To Robyn

In a recent YouTube video, Gwen shared that her half-siblings from Kody’s legal marriage to Robyn wouldn’t be in attendance when it came to her wedding celebrations. Even though Gwen still very much lives in Flagstaff, she doesn’t run into her extended family often. The newly engaged Gwen revealed that she had extended an invitation to Breanna and Aurora, but both sisters turned down the offer to attend, with Gwen sharing they don’t think it would’ve been a “safe space” 

for them.

Sister Wives’ Gwen Brown’s Family Supports Her



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Gwen revealed that her feelings were hurt after Robyn’s children revealed they had no interest in seeing her. The Sister Wives star has already made it clear that she doesn’t like Robyn after the way she manipulated Christine and the rest of the immediate family. Christine and all of Gwen’s sisters did attend the engagement party and posted multiple photos. Gwen revealed that she still misses Robyn’s kids “completely,” but shared that she does visit with her other siblings when they are in town.

Gwen is currently planning a Summer 2023 wedding with her fiancé Beatriz Queiroz after the two became engaged in December 2022. The Sister Wives star had come out as bisexual during the worldwide pandemic, and started dating her future wife while both were attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Gwen has yet to reveal whether Kody will walk her down the aisle or if Robyn will even take the time to RSVP.


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