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Sister Wives: Fans Think Janelle Has A Boyfriend As They Spot Someone At Her RV!


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is a fan favorite. Her generous and selfless personality has captured the hearts of viewers. Lately, the celebrity has been going through a new phase in her life. She had parted ways with Kody and has been enjoying her single life these days. But it seems that now the celeb finally has someone new in her life! Recently, some eagle-eyed users spotted Janelle with her new beau. Several rumors sprang up claiming that her new mystery man would even live with her in her trailer! But who is that lucky person? Will Janelle also walk down the aisle like Christine?

Sister Wives: Who Is Janelle’s New Boyfriend?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently announced her engagement with David Woolley. Since viewers saw her living a much happy life, they have also insisted that Janelle should find someone and move on. But now it seems like she might have finally replaced Kody and has a new person in her life. Recently, she took to Instagram and shared a crucial update about her life. The celeb revealed that her trailer was ready and was on the verge of moving in it now. Though Janelle sounded a bit nervous, she was excited about her new adventure.

Janelle shared a picture of her ready “trailer,” in which fans spotted her alleged new beau. In the post, a mystery man was standing behind the open gate of her vehicle. Apparently, the camera couldn’t capture the face. A curious user took to the comment section and asked, “Janelle is that the new boyfriend hiding.” The Sister Wives star was quick to reply that the mystery man was none than her own son Gabe! Janelle further stated that her “children” and grandchildren” are the “true” love of her life! Well, fans couldn’t stop laughing but still wished that Janelle also soon finds someone who would “value” her and “treat” her well!


Sister Wives: Gabe Helps Janelle In Setting Up Her Trailer

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is stepping out of her comfort zone now. Earlier as well, she used to live in an RV, as she has been saving up to build on her Coyote Pass property. After almost five months of announcing her divorce from Kody, she is now resuming her journey. In a recent clip, Gabe was featured helping his mom with the basics of the trailer. He was figuring out how to use “power adapters” and how to connect them to their vehicle. Indeed, the mother-son duo was struggling a bit, but they didn’t lose hope.



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Gabe was by his mother’s side while learning and figuring out the stuff of her RV. Though they knew their fans would laugh after watching their struggle, they were optimistic. Fans loved the way the star kid was up to help his lovely mom. Several viewers took to the comment section and praised Gabe for being there for Janelle. Moreover, in the recent picture as well, he was captured fixing the matriarch’s RV. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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