Why Jennifer Landon’s Yellowstone Audition Made Her Want To Quit Acting


One of the most memorable additions to the cast of “Yellowstone” in the past few years has been that of pink-haired ranch hand Teeter, played by actor Jennifer Landon. Teeter’s tough, no-nonsense attitude and fierce loyalty to the ranch has made her a fan-favorite ever since she first joined the series back in Season 3 — though like most characters in “Yellowstone,” she too suffers her fair share of hardships.

In Season 3, Teeter and Colby (Denim Richards) are brutally whipped by the Marrow family, and in Season 4, she is actually fired from the ranch simply because she is a woman (a decision that is universally despised by fans). By the end of Season 4, it appears that Teeter’s troubles have died down somewhat, and the last we see of her, she’s wishing goodbye to Jimmy (Jefferson White) as he leaves for Four Sixes. Teeter has grown from a minor character into a major player on the ranch, even earning a brand for her actions in the series’ third season. That said, it may surprise some fans to learn that Landon’s audition for “Yellowstone” was so harrowing that it almost made her quit acting entirely.


Landon was convinced she tanked the audition

In Episode 13 of “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” a special behind-the-scenes talk show of sorts for “Yellowstone” fans, Jennifer Landon revealed that her audition was horrible. She had to keep asking the casting assistant to reread the scene for her, and was so out of it that she left the audition by telling the assistant “Goodbye, I love you too.” Landon was convinced she had tanked the audition, and immediately afterwards she called her manager to tell them she was quitting acting.

“I was like, ‘I gotta become like a hooker or a writer after this, man!'” Landon recalled, while her costars laughed beside her. “No more acting!” Despite her own admission about how nervous and harrowing the experience was, clearly the audition left an impression on the “Yellowstone” team, as she ended up securing the role and becoming one of the most beloved characters in the entire series. It’s clear now that she is perfect for the role — and it’s nearly impossible to imagine what Teeter might have been like if Landon had actually tanked the audition as much as she thought.


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