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Sister Wives: Janelle Was Scared To Share These Photos On The Internet! [See Video]


Janelle Brown has been going through all sorts of changes. The Sister Wives celebrity also announced her separation from her polygamy husband, Kody Brown. It happened during the Tell All special. At first, Christine Brown had already parted ways and moved to Utah. While Janelle is still in Flagstaff, she is actively working on herself after her split. In fact, she took to her social media to come clean about something. The celebrity was afraid to post some pictures, but she did so anyway. So, what made Janelle scared?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Embraces Her Slimmed Body! Was Scared To Show Her Progress First

The second wife from Sister Wives, Janelle Brown, made a shocking revelation on the Tell All special. She expressed that she and Kody weren’t able to work out their differences and decided to separate. But, the celebrity has not let such a thing hold her back. Viewers got to see a whole new side to her as she began posing that she is regularly gymming and eating healthy. At last, Janelle put up a post on her social media. She admitted “chickening out” from making a post on her Instagram post.


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At last, Janelle finally made the post. It had glimpses of her working hard in the gym and even lighting heavy weights. It had the caption of how it was necessary for someone to be their “own hero.” The Sister Wives star admitted that she is learning what is “authentic,” “real,” and “vulnerable.” Hence, the fanbase commended Janelle for showing that side of hers. They appreciated her and noticed how her physique looked slimmer than before. Fans cheered her on to keep doing the hard work and sharing the progress.


Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Becomes A Boss Lady! Starts New Businesses

It looks like leaving Kody Brown has led to Janelle becoming her first and foremost priority. Apart from maintaining a healthy diet and working hard in the gym, she has one more feather to add to her cap. Sister Wives viewers already must know by now that Christine and Janelle are the brand endorsers of the famous pink health drink, Plexus. Apart from earning from the show, they have been dependent on this MLM for their livelihood. It turns out that Janelle has launched a new business under the name “Janelle Brown Plexus,” a weight loss company.

At the same time, Janelle has also launched a new LLC, i.e., Janelle Brown Productions. Viewers on her social media have often spotted her traveling back and forth between North Carolina and Flagstaff. So, they sense that her business is booming and she has been working hard for herself and not the entire plural family. While the fanbase is very happy for her, they highly doubt if Kody Brown also feels the same way about his ex. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives updates.


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